Swift Chrome

Swift Chrome

Length: 272mm

Width: 150mm


Weight: 510g

Frame: Chromium Plated Steel


The handsome Swift was the youngest gentleman's racing saddle in the Brooks range. It features delicately hand skived lower sides, where a thin stripe of the leather top surface is cut back, thus exposing the lighter coloured suede beneath which makes for an attractive visual accent and greater comfort when pedalling. The large copper rivets at the nose and tail are also hammered by hand, commensurate with our usual high level of attention to detail. As is the case with all of our hand manufactured saddles, the Swift proudly sports a metal nameplate at the rear, and in addition two embossed graphic details on the sides featuring the saddle name and incorporating an icon of a Swift in flight.

On introduction the Swift was offered only with lightweight titanium rails. However, due to popular demand, since 2008 we also offer the Swift Chrome, with traditional steel underpinnings, finished to our usual high standards with bright polished chromium plate.



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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Ted Young-Ing from UK 6/9/2009

I bike pretty much everywhere I go – I can’t even remember the last time I had to use the Tube. I like Brooks stuff because it always works and it always looks great. The bike I’m riding in these photos is my 1952 Holdsworth Zephyr (an old English track bike), and of course I bought a Brooks saddle for it.
When the Barbican bags came out, I thought, “I gotta get one of those!” I like that it’s a modern design that’s also really in tune with the Brooks heritage. It looks cool without being too fussy or technical. And like a saddle, the leather bits take a while to wear in and get comfortable.
It doesn’t quite have enough functionality to be my everyday bag – for that, I use a proper courier bag – but I keep my Barbican bag as my second ‘dressy’ bag. I use it when I need to go somewhere and don’t want to look like such a scrub when I arrive. It comes to a lot of client meetings with me, and because it’s so well-padded, it has also become my default laptop bag. I love it.

Written by James and Kari 5/22/2007


Greetings from Spirit Lake, Iowa! 

My wife and I just returned home from the inaugural Tour de Kota. We had a great week, completing 400 plus miles over roads overlooking the Missouri River (part of the route Lewis and Clark explored in their pilgrimage over 200 years ago). We were able to complete the ride in total comfort and style with the Brooks saddles I purchased in preparation for the ride! Swift and Finesse made the entire experience pure cycling pleasure! 

Your fine, leather saddles are of the highest quality and have us totally hooked on Brooks! We also have Brooks saddles on our Serottas. My Ottrott has the Swallow and tool bag. My wife's CRL has another Finesse and saddle purse! 

We just love the comfort, form and function of our Brooks saddles and bags! 

Thanks for a great trip and the promise of many years of quality, bike touring to come! 


James and Kari


Written by Nigel Nicholson from Sweden 5/22/2007

This weekend 16 July I cycled for the first time at the age of 62 Vaettern Round, a 300 km classic annual event around the second largest lake in Sweden. I spent nearly 12 hrs of continuous cycling on a Brooks Swift saddle that I bought earlier this year. I felt absolutely no backside soreness indeed I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of the ride. I have also strongly recommended to several other rump suffering participants that they buy a Brooks saddle before next year and with 15000 starters I am sure there are some profitable marketing opportunities for you Company.
Thank you for the good butt feelings!

Written by Alvise Perosa from Italy 10/12/2015

I recently acquired a Swift Chrome saddle for my Brompton M3E. The first half hour left me wondering: hard. slippery, altogether a strange feeling. However after careful setting (slightly raised the nose, pushed it farther back), after one treatment with Proofide and after 100k I am now very comfortable, i.e. happy. I was in doubt between a B17 Narrow and the Swift. After reading many reviews, I opted for the Swift because I am 182 cm tall with long legs and have an extended seatpost on my Brompton which places the seat slightly higher than the bars, in addition I push on the pedals more than sit on the saddle. Seems like I made the right choice. I am looking forward to years of enjoyment.

Written by Ed Lassman from UK 2/24/2015

I ride Brooks Colts on my two fixies. After quite lot of breaking in, they are wonderful. I have an old pre softened team pro on my tourer and was the only rider rout of 40 not to need chamois cream during a ride from London to Paris. My new bespoke Columbus XCR framed racer has been adorned with a Swift titanium, befitting of its light weight. All bikes have matching Brooks bar tape. Love the brand and ride.

Written by jason evangeli from England 6/27/2011


Just completed the BHF London to Brighton ride 54miles on my Swift chrome (actually 58 took a wrong turn from the carpark in the morning) and at the end of it the only part of my body that did not hurt was my bottom ! A fantastic bit if kit keep up the good work.
Regards Jason

Written by B. Rooks from Europe 9/17/2009

Hello again and thank you for taking my comments yesterday seriously.
I remember reading the advice you say follows every saddle (except mine apparently) but on your old website as a replication of an old leaflet from around 1920 (I thought). So I didn´t really read it very thoroughly then.
As I read it again today I realize it really is all the advice I should need.
Maybe with some nice drawings showing "ischial tuberosities in this area of saddle" and "it is ok to have the peak of the saddle pointing a bit up" and "this advice also applies to users of spd-type pedals". By the way,I think drawings are cooler than videos, but maybe that´s just me...
But the really important part in my opinion, and in yours too judging by your answer, is that when you can´t get the settings right and get frustrated, there is somewhere to find help and advice a bit more practical than the classic "It adapts to your butt" ;-)
Thank you for listening, I will now go and move my Swift, which seems to work best for me with the nose slightly up, a bit forward and see what happens.

Written by B. Rooks from Europe 9/16/2009

COMMENT > A lot more comfortable than the Arione but still, after 2000+ kms, not in that famous "forgettable" state.
I would really like to see more advice on set-up and how to angle the saddle in the optimum way on your website.
For example, how do you set it up "level" when it isn´t flat? There must be tons of "Brooks knowledge" in your possession. Please share.

REPLY > Fortunately BROOKS Saddles are so personal, that any advice can be nothing more than a subjective opinion. Nevertheless your advice is precious and we will be working o a series of videos to show some of the most common techniques to get the saddle "right". This is what we wrote in the leaflet we send out with every saddle:



The rider’s comfort will depend to a much greater extent than is generally imagined, upon the correct adjustment of the saddle on the machine. The great thing to bear in mind is that, to obtain comfort and immunity from injurious pressure, the weight must be carried by the broad part of the saddle. The peak should carry as little weight as possible. The nose is mainly intended to ensure a steady and secure seat, which a peakless saddle would not do. By attention to the following hints the correct position should be readily attained.

The saddle should be placed:

1. just sufficiently behind the crank-axle to allow the rider to sit upon the broad part of the saddle, while riding, without being pulled forward on to the peak by the onward thrust of the leg;

2. with the peak positioned just high enough to prevent the rider from slipping forward; this is normally attained when the surface of the saddle is parallel to the ground;

3. just low enough to enable the rider to reach the pedals comfortably all round, without even a suspicion of stretching after them.


This is a general guideline, but I have personally experienced that different saddles need different adjustments. Here are my examples:

-the Swallow on my road bike is perfectly parallel to the ground

-the B17 Imperial on my mountain bike is more comfortable if the nose is slightly higher than the back

-the B17 Special on my Brompton folding bike feels perfect when parallel

-the B33 on my city bike is more comfortable if the nose is facing quite a bit upwards

I'm sure my experience is different than someone else's, that's why I thought of publishing comments from different Brooks Cyclists!


Andrea Meneghelli

Marketing Manager






Written by Jason Koroll from USA 9/1/2009

I have been riding my Swift for about 3 months now. It replaced the Team Pro I had been riding for a couple years. I came across something that told me that the Swift might be more comfortable for me because I have a significant saddle-to-bar drop on my bike. I never actually experienced painful discomfort on the Team Pro, but I did experience numbness of the nether-regions after about 40 miles. After mounting this, I was surprised that there actually was a break-in period with this saddle. My Team Pro was immediately comfortable, where the Swift was painful for the first couple days. No big deal though. Once I got the saddle perfectly dialed in (not too much weight on the hands, not too much nose-up tilt on the saddle) I can ride this thing just about forever without the numbness I had experienced with the Team Pro. Not that there is anything wrong with the Team Pro, i just think I need a bike with less aggressive geometry and s-t-b drop to get the most out of it.

Written by Bill Flesch from USA 6/3/2009

I received my new Brooks Professional saddle recently. Back in my youth (mid 60s), my first "good" bike came with a leather saddle. Comfortable, rode in cutoff jean shorts with no problems. About 12 years ago I returned to cycling. And, with most, was caught up with bicycle weight, so no leather saddle. Instead, I went through a succession of high tech, low weight, etc. saddles. Recently, my 4 yr old reputable Italian manufactured saddle was increasingly uncomfortable. I e-mailed the maker, and the reply said that, essentially, their saddles are good for about 10,000 km, and then the foam breaks down. So I ordered a Brooks. Comfortable right out of the box (first ride with it was 42 miles), and getting better each consecutive ride. And, it will probably last forever. Now, after my experience, one of my riding partners is gearing up to order himself a B17 (he's a bit larger and wider than me, 6'-2", 200 lbs vs my 5'-8", 150 lbs). And yes, while my Brooks weighs 500 grams vs 200 grams, with the additional comfort, I can ride longer and am sure I will drop more than that weight from myself in no time. I should probably be in the 135 - 140 lb range. So, keep up the good work, I'll keep promoting your saddles. You may want to talk with the boys in the pro peloton. With the drop in bicycle weights, where they actually are adding weight to their bicycles to meet the UCI minimums, some smart professionals may want a more comfortable, i.e. Brooks, saddle. After all, your products were good enough for Eddy Merckx, and he wasn't a bad cyclist!

Written by Ron Howe from UK 5/25/2009

I've ridden Brooks saddles since the early 1970s and I love them. As a 15 stone (95Kg) powerlifter who cycles for fitness I need some width to support my large rear end and I've got three Brooks among a collection of about twelve saddles ... the pricey but worthy Honey coloured Swift, a B17 narrow and a B17 standard, which my wife has hijacked. The Swift Titanium is also really light in relative terms. The classic styling of Brooks saddles just looks so good and draws many comments. Although some of the others are comparatively heavy that extra few hundred grams is a sacrifice worth making for the sake of the great comfort and durability you get from a genuine Brooks hide saddle especially on the longer rides. I continuously recommend Brooks saddles. It's just such a shame that the titanium metalwork is so expensive otherwise I would replace my two other others for the titanium special models withe the big rivets..

Written by Mark Taylor 4/22/2009

I had a tried with a Swift titanium for 2000 miles and still not that comfortable. The B17 Standard was extremely comfortable straight from first contact, now all of my bikes have B17's (one has the titanium version).

Written by Jodee 4/21/2009

COMMENT > Received my #39 Green Swallow BFF Ltd Edition. Love it. However after a long ride, the seat seems sunken in especially on the rear right side. That normal? I've only proofide it once. Otherwise it's the most comfortable seat ever. Thanks

REPLY > The Swallow is the most elastic of our saddles, so if you tend to be asymmetrical in your ride, the saddle will shape asymmetically.To a certain degree it is normal. If it shapes too much, you should probably go for a stiffer saddle, like the Team Pro or B17 Narrow. The Swift is somewhere inbetween.

Written by Lou Morace from Switzeland 5/22/2007

I have only Brooks saddles on my cycles, a Swift on my racer, a Pro on my tourer and a B17 on my trekker, I won`t ride anything else. Since changing to these saddles 5 years ago I no longer have back ache and I don`t creep on the saddle in hard efforts anymore, I guess that`s all due to the saddle adjusting itself to my hip contours. I recommend these highly for every type of rider. I love sitting on my cycle now and I've never pedalled better.

Written by Kevin Mcdonald from England 5/1/2014

Best looking and most comfortable saddle you could ever own. If you own or are building a steel framed bike this is the saddle for it.

Written by John Baldauff from USA 10/8/2010

The B17 Standard is a benchmark for comfortable saddles. I ride the B17 on my road bike. Some laugh at my combination of carbon and leather but after 70 miles in the saddle my butt feels great. For most road riding I would recommend the Team Pro, Swift, or Swallow. While I love my B17, it is a bit wider than I would prefer. I can't wait to get a Swift! For touring or if you are on a budget they B17 really is fine on the road. I use the B17 on my mountain bike as well and it is by far the best mountain saddle I have ever used. It is such a gorgeous and versatile saddle. The best investment you can make on your bike (maybe after a nice set of hoops).

Written by Steve Steve from USA 5/4/2010

I purchased a Swift Titanium over the winter with the intent of breaking it in on my trainer. It took a while to get used to it...maybe 30 minutes. It has since become the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat upon. I am planning on replacing my other saddles with the Swift.

Written by Matt Lynch from Scotland 5/29/2009

i have riden on a lot of saddles in the last 25 years from many manufacturers who all promise comfort and durability, there is only one who can truly live up to that promise, and thats Brooks ,

Written by Gary Passmore from USA 6/8/2008

I FINALLY had the chance to install and ride the Imperial (standard) for my weekly ride and the impression is very, very good.
My test ride consisted of a some varied terrain (hills and sketchy roads) because I wanted to see how the saddle and I would react together on seated climbs and uneven pavement. With total mileage being just over 60 (5 mile warmup and cooldown), the true test came really occurred during the central 50 miles.
Total miles on the saddle has been only this initial ride but the impression left is very good. I've ridden several different Brooks models including the B-17 (standard/standard ti and narrow), Swift, and Champion. Beautiful saddles all but none really worked. The perineum cutout in the Imperial has made a big difference to me. While I achieved a certain level of comfort on the other saddles after break in, the Imperial gave me an immediate level of comfort. Break in will still be very important with this saddle but there will be much more comfort in the nethers than I would have felt before.
I would rate this saddle with an '8' (I'd rate most with an initial '6') bordering on '9'. This could be the saddle to end all saddles for me. If Brooks ever offers it in a Ti version, sign me up...
Break in period has been very short. The cutout is really doing a fine job and numbness has not been a problem at all. The only suggestion I'd give for ALL Brooks saddles is to waterproof all the letter and to offer titanium rails only to save weight.
The leather breaks in quickly but sag is not apparent. I haven't had to tighten the laces at all yet.
I believe the Imperial is a great step forward for Brooks. The only downside I can see is the overall weight but the comfort positive offsets the weight negative.

Written by James Watkins from USA 7/26/2010

I ride a Swift every day to work. Superb comfort and durability. I have gotten so attached to it I bought one of those little leashes to make it harder to steal.

Written by Andrew Fetchina from United States 4/28/2010

Short and sweet, I never think about my saddle when I'm ridding, it's that comfortable. I have a B-17 on my Peugeot, a Flyer on my 3 speed Club bike and a Swift on my Raleigh Clubman. Excellent workmanship and design!

Written by William Poole from Norway 7/30/2009

Q > Hi! Could we now in this Ipod age have White saddles in a range of models (and not just for the very exclusive few!), please.

A > White BROOKS Saddles are much more difficult to make. It takes us more than triple the time than any other colour and lots of leather is wasted in the process. These are the reasons why we can't offer them in the standard range.

Written by vin k from us 9/17/2009

Q > Is there huge differene bw the b17 and swift? I want to get a special swift in blue bc i like the color. is that a bad idea for my single gear not fixed bike?

A > The Swift is slightly  narrower than the B17 Narrow and it's top is more rounded.

Written by Simon Hodges from UK 6/13/2009

Q > I want to get a Brooks racing saddle, and am looking at the Swallow, Swift or Team Pro. I see from your site that the Swallow is the most elastic, the Team Pro the stiffest and the Swift in between. Are these differences a result of the leather you use, or the metal structure underneath? And why is the Swallow so much more expensive than the others? Hope you can help.

R > The stiffness of the saddles is a result of the shape of the leather top. The different metal structures don't influence the stiffness. 

Written by Paolo Spinozzi 1/13/2009

Q > I want to buy a Brooks saddle for my Brompton M2L. I know the B 17 could be the best choice but i'd like to have something a little bit more sportive; can you suggest me wich is the best solution among Swallow, Team Pro and the Swift?

A > Brooks range of racing saddles includes a variety of models for gents and ladies: -the B15 Swallow: our most elastic saddle -the Swift: a slightly stiffer saddle, featuring partially cut-away flaps -the Team Professional and the B17 Narrow, our stiffest saddles -the Team Pro S and its titanium version, the Finesse, for ladies

Written by Mark Dyer from England 8/11/2013

As a 6 feet tall, 245 pound heffalump I was concerned as to too much flexibility and didn't want anything too wide since I thought my thick legs might rub against the sides, hence buying a Swift after reading plenty of comments. I have to say the local Excellent Dealer wasn't much use since they had 1 Swift and 2 B17s in stock, with no wish to talk about either. Thankfully when I put it on my bike I found my sit bones just about made it into the right areas and not too near the edge.

From the first ride it was clear that the saddle would be cooler and a more pleasant feeling than the stock saddle on my carbon friend, since there is no padding to push up against you all the time. It was a bit slippery to start and I rode it slightly 'nose up' to try to counter that. A bit hard for the first couple of hours but then I started to get settled in. After about 15 hours of riding little creases started to appear and I went back to level. Now, after 700 miles/55 hours it's even more marvellous. Lashings of proofide after each ride for the first 30 hours or so must surely have helped.

In a world of plastic and other synthetic substances what a joy to have a quality product that lives and evolves during the nurturing period and no doubt will last.

Written by PAUL HEPNER from USA 2/10/2013

I grew up riding Brooks Pro saddles. I had one on a fat tire Schwinn Typhoon in 1970 with a straight pipe handlebar, freewheel rear with rim brakes for off road riding (I think one of the first single speed off roads bikes) I had not ridden in 15 years and decided to invest in a Redline Monocog ... which I promptly upgraded every part (except the frame and fork). The last item was the saddle. There was no question which brand but it took me much research to final decide in the Swift. First ride made me realize I made a big mistake. I could not move the saddle back far enough. Of course I ordered a setback Thomson Elite to further upgrade my original upgrade. Perfect combo for my 38" inseam legs. The seat is a dream to ride. Will not take much time to break in.

Written by Delwyn Ching from USA 9/15/2009

I've owned the Swift Titanium for several years and when I bought my new bike a few months ago, I bought another Swift. I keep experimenting with saddles and have tried saddles from Specialized Body Geometry, Selle Italia, Terry and Fizik. I find the Brooks Swift is the most comfortable of them all. Time to sell those other on Ebay,,,again.  For my next road bike I'm just going straight to Brooks Swift or B17.

Written by Lukasz Walerowski from Poland 9/6/2009

Q > Dear Brooks. I've already asked that question in your GETTING IN TOUCH sectioon like 2 months ago, but i never got an answer. Maybe i'll have more chance this way. I have one of yours swift honey saddles. Great saddle, very confortable. Unfortunately during the rain, water got through the raincover and my saddle got partly wet. Once dryed out water left stain. Suddenly my saddle lost some of its great looks with this big, fat, dark stain. Do you have any clou what shoud i do to get rid of it?

A > It happened to me too once. I put some Proofide on the saddle and kept riding it. The colour of our saddles tend to change with time and become more homogeneous.

Written by William Owen 9/5/2008

"Oh... no way" was my initial reaction when I unpacked my B17 Champion that I had ordered off the net. To say that the saddle was hard would be a significant understatement. I showed it to a friend who described it as "hard as bowling ball". Before even removing the cardboard backing, I found myself checking and hoping for a liberal return policy. "Don't lose the box", I thought, "I'll need it to ship this thing back".
Something, perhaps curiosity made me give it a try. I had ordered the Proofide, and followed the break-in instructions. It remained as hard as ever, and I was certain that I was stuck with this ridiculous, old-school relic.
Well... I am still stuck with it. The initial ride was a shock. I felt no pain. None. Within a few miles, I had forgotten all about my backside and the saddle. It was one of the most counter-intuitive experiences I have ever known.
I now own two Brooks saddles - B17 on my mountain bike and a Swift on my road racer. I may one day sell each of those bikes to upgrade to newer machines, but I can assure you that, while I may sell the bikes with the pedals still on... I will be taking the saddles off and keeping them for as long as I am riding bicycles. These days, the miles pile up, I get tired, my hands and shoulders and legs my hurt... but my backside is never even a factor. The Brooks saddle is one of those rare products that not only maintains it quality over the years, but actually IMPROVES with age and use. If you have had problems with expensive, high-tech saddles, just get one. These things have been around for over a century for a reason.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Bernd Hochheim 4/20/2009

Q > i ride it since 3 years, about 1500 km and now the nose of the tension shackle is broken. What can i do? Throw away or repair?

A > The tension pin can be changed, like most metal parts. Just ask using the claim form in the GETTING IN TOUCH section!

Written by Clive Astley-Mynd from UK 10/15/2012

Already owning a B17 narrow, which is as comfortable as that old pair of slippers your wife made you throw out because they were too tatty to wear in front of guests, I decided to get a new saddle for my new Bianchi Via Condotti commuter bike. After some very helpful advice from Brooks and a visit to their factory I chose the Swift. It gets absolutely top marks on appearance but on my first outing I could not believe how hard and different in shape it was to the B17. Several weeks and handfulls of proofide later I reached the point of looking forward to the weekend to rest my aching posterior so I decided to investigate the comments on the Brooks site. A recurring theme seems to be to tilt the nose up, so against all instincts up it went. The difference was remarkable - I hope this is now the start of the break-in, but am a little concerned about perineal problems.

A> We do not recommend too much tilt, and this should be a temporary solution and you should eventually ride the saddle flat as intended by its design.  Thanks!

Written by Tyler Brady from Australia 3/29/2012

Great saddle, very comfy, looks great. Only complaint is about the included 'rain-cover' that fits onto the saddle to protect from rain. It doesnt work.. On numerous occasions it has allowed, probably encouraged, water to seep into the edges of the saddle creating several unpleasant and large watermarks on the saddle. If you are going to bother including a wet-weather seat cover, maybe try make one that is a bit more effective! Very frustrating.

A> We are very sorry if you received a faulty cover.  We have since changed the design but there are still some older ones floating about.  Please return it to a Dealer of Excellence for a replacement.

Written by dean dickey from new zealandHi, 12/1/2011

hi, I am wanting some help with a very old bike that i have just bought. The bike has a" Brooks challenger" seat but nothing else to give the manufactures name or age, could you help any info.
thanks dean

A> could you send us a photo? the best place would be to send to user stories.