Finesse Titanium

Finesse Titanium

Length: 242mm

Width: 176mm

Height: 63mm

Weight: 370g

Frame: Titanium


The Finesse is the Team Pro S ladies saddle with titanium underpinnings.

The Team Professional is a classic Brooks saddle created with the needs of the sporting cyclist in mind. This model has been in production for half a century, originating from the old B17 Competition. This saddle is a pleasingly simple design, which truly deserves the description 'timeless classic'. The title Team Professional is embossed on either side just above a precisely hand skived stripe along the side edges, where a little of the glossy leather top surface is removed to reveal the texture and lighter tone of the suede beneath. Large headed copper rivets are hammered by hand, providing the finishing touch.



BROOKS Special
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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Raquel Lopéz del Prado from Spain 9/6/2009

Having suffered all kinds of pain and discomfort with the saddle that came with my road bike, It was clear I needed a change. The comfort of my Brooks saddle on my touring bike was a good indication of where to look and after my first ride with me Finesse Titanium, its clear I didn't make a mistake. Its certainly the most comforatble ride I've knwown and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any other female rider (I know my husband is jealous now, I have 2 brooks to my name).
Thanks Brooks for keeping up your excellent tradition.

Written by James and Kari 5/22/2007


Greetings from Spirit Lake, Iowa! 

My wife and I just returned home from the inaugural Tour de Kota. We had a great week, completing 400 plus miles over roads overlooking the Missouri River (part of the route Lewis and Clark explored in their pilgrimage over 200 years ago). We were able to complete the ride in total comfort and style with the Brooks saddles I purchased in preparation for the ride! Swift and Finesse made the entire experience pure cycling pleasure! 

Your fine, leather saddles are of the highest quality and have us totally hooked on Brooks! We also have Brooks saddles on our Serottas. My Ottrott has the Swallow and tool bag. My wife's CRL has another Finesse and saddle purse! 

We just love the comfort, form and function of our Brooks saddles and bags! 

Thanks for a great trip and the promise of many years of quality, bike touring to come! 


James and Kari


Written by Kelvin Ong from Singapore 6/2/2014

Have had the Finesse Titanium for over a month with about ten rides. During and after each ride, I forgot that I was on a new saddle. On reflection, it simply means the Finesse is so comfortable that it is a non-event. I like the short length of the Finesse - if and when I have to jump off the saddle urgently or at a traffic lights junction, my butt is not "ripped off" by the nose. Love the leather texture and craftmanship. Even enjoy admiring it during pitstops. A work of Art and Practicality.

Written by Bill Flesch from USA 6/3/2009

I received my new Brooks Professional saddle recently. Back in my youth (mid 60s), my first "good" bike came with a leather saddle. Comfortable, rode in cutoff jean shorts with no problems. About 12 years ago I returned to cycling. And, with most, was caught up with bicycle weight, so no leather saddle. Instead, I went through a succession of high tech, low weight, etc. saddles. Recently, my 4 yr old reputable Italian manufactured saddle was increasingly uncomfortable. I e-mailed the maker, and the reply said that, essentially, their saddles are good for about 10,000 km, and then the foam breaks down. So I ordered a Brooks. Comfortable right out of the box (first ride with it was 42 miles), and getting better each consecutive ride. And, it will probably last forever. Now, after my experience, one of my riding partners is gearing up to order himself a B17 (he's a bit larger and wider than me, 6'-2", 200 lbs vs my 5'-8", 150 lbs). And yes, while my Brooks weighs 500 grams vs 200 grams, with the additional comfort, I can ride longer and am sure I will drop more than that weight from myself in no time. I should probably be in the 135 - 140 lb range. So, keep up the good work, I'll keep promoting your saddles. You may want to talk with the boys in the pro peloton. With the drop in bicycle weights, where they actually are adding weight to their bicycles to meet the UCI minimums, some smart professionals may want a more comfortable, i.e. Brooks, saddle. After all, your products were good enough for Eddy Merckx, and he wasn't a bad cyclist!

Written by David Martin from Australia 5/22/2009

best saddle I have ever ridden...nothing more to be said...

Written by Matt Lynch from Scotland 5/29/2009

i have riden on a lot of saddles in the last 25 years from many manufacturers who all promise comfort and durability, there is only one who can truly live up to that promise, and thats Brooks ,

Written by Nicole E from USA 3/25/2010

Q > Will a B17S Special ever be produced? I would like to get the shorter saddle, but I also love the larger copper rivets!

A > The B17 S Special already exists under the name of Team Pro S. Despite the different name, the saddles have the same top. The Finesse is their expensive sister with titanium rails.

Written by William Poole from Norway 7/30/2009

Q > Hi! Could we now in this Ipod age have White saddles in a range of models (and not just for the very exclusive few!), please.

A > White BROOKS Saddles are much more difficult to make. It takes us more than triple the time than any other colour and lots of leather is wasted in the process. These are the reasons why we can't offer them in the standard range.

Written by Ole Kristensen from Denmark 11/25/2010

My Colt and I are just best friends, The perfect ride you become sitting on a Brooks, let it soak a week in linseed oil, and you will discover a miracle....Just a tip

A > We absolutely do not recommend doing this, but are pleased that you are satisfied with our product.

Written by John Urban 4/4/2009

Q > Is the Brook's Team Professional Black Chrome (S697) a man's saddle?

A > Yes, it is. The ladies version is the Team Pro S

Written by Kim Wiese from USA 7/1/2013

I've believe I've had my Finesse Titanium now for over 15 years. I bought it literally the week before I did a six-day 650 mile charity ride. It was comfortable right out of the box, and I was the only cyclist in my group who didn't suffer in the saddle with repeated daily century rides. I just applied Proofide this evening--a loving ritual that still brings me joy, and the saddle is as beautiful as when it first arrived ... with an even better ride. I can't imagine a finer saddle. Thank you, Brooks.

Written by Andrey Agarkov from Ukraine 4/5/2010

Q> May you please specify the differences of Finesse Titanium and Team Pro Titanium saddles except their measurements? These are considered as ladi's and men's versions of one saddle. There is 40 gr. difference in weight. Is this because of frame or the thickness of leather? Is it appropriate to use Finesse Titanium for a man of 180 lbs weight?

A>  The Finesse is too small for a person of your size.  The weight difference comes from the difference in the frame size, not that the leather is thinner (although naturally less leather is used).


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