B17 Narrow

B17 Narrow


Length: 279mm

Width: 151mm

Height: 70mm

Weight: 530g


This is a sportier version of our globally renowned and truly timeless B17, a design so good that it has been in constant production since having featured in our 1910 catalogue. The B17 Narrow is perfectly suited to both thoroughbred racing bicycles or sports touring bikes, and has long been the first choice of sporting cyclists who prefer the freedom of thigh movement that its narrow profile provides without any compromise in the comfort every Brooks Saddle provides.




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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Russell Collins from UK 10/4/2012

I bought my B17 Narrow for my full suspension Giant Trance XO mountain bike in anticipation of a 100 mile off-road endurance race. I'd had numerous saddles before then, all comfortable enough for a few hours - but not 100 miles non-stop. So the saddle came, beautifully packaged & on the bike it went. First ride out ~20 miles - I thought it was possibly the most uncomfortable thing I'd ever sat on and wasn't hopeful of the promised comfort. On advice of my wife (a keen Brooks rider), I titled the saddle down slightly, next ride - felt ok. Over the next few rides it got more & more comfortable and I could see where my sit bones were moulding the saddle. My 100 mile off-road endurance race came after about 1/2 dozen rides on the new B17 and after 12 hours on the saddle, well, I have to say I'm now a convert as my backside was less painful that just about every other part of me when I finished. I'll be interested to see how the saddle holds up on the mountain bike, with all the mud, but I'm hoping the small saddle bag will pick up most of the crud and protect the saddle. A very satisfied customer.

Written by Bill Roberts from USA 6/5/2012

My 1st Brooks saddle was on a Motobecane Grand Record 40 years ago. Now none of my bikes are without one. I alway just donate the stock saddle back to the bike dealer. My first
Brooks saddle is still in service as well as more recent models. The most comfortable saddle ever.

Written by Andy Wescott from England 5/31/2012

Having covered nearly 4000 miles on my B17 narrow, I have to say it is by far the most comfortable saddle I have owned. I love the tradition and craftsmanship of such an iconic brand and would never ride anything else.
Having introduced my wife to the Brooks level of comfort, all I can say is that you have two very satisfied customers.
Regards, Andy.

Written by Richard Burridge from UK 1/16/2012

Having received this saddle two days ago from a reputable online retailer, opening the box was in itself an event. Having carefully Proofrided it, I went for a twenty odd mile spin to get used to it. I initially found that it felt like a plank of wood and I wasn't sure how I was going to get on with it - but having stopped a couple ot times to make adjustments, I can honestly say that it is already very comfortable and of course a beautiful thing to behold. I just wanted to carry on adding the miles without stopping!

I also feel that I own part of our industrial heritage and I'm proud to own a Brooks.

Written by Joel McCollough from USA 5/20/2011

I selected the B17 Special Honey (copper rivets & rails) for its classic touring shape and superb looks. Up to this time, I had been a devotee of high-tech Italian road and off-road saddles. I had of course heard rave reviews from other cyclists about their Brooks saddles. Nevertheless, I was rather sceptical as to its comfort, even when broken in, and so I immediately mounted the saddle atop my trusty suspension seatpost to smooth the cobbly route to my school. (This suspension seatpost was a top-shelf component; and, being an inveterate tinkerer, I had retro-fitted it with a combination elastomer/spring/dampener assembly precisely tailored to my weight.) Needless to say, the ride with saddle and seatpost was buttery smooth. One day, however, after a long rainy spell, I found I had neglected to retrieve my "custom" seatpost from a mountain-biking chum who had the loan of it. I hastily restored the stock seatpost, adjusted the B17, and pedaled off the meet my morning classes, antipating a rather bumpy commute. Imagine my astonishment when the ride proved even more enjoyable and I may say "authentic" with the Brooks saddle and a stock seatpost than with my complicated suspension post! Of course, the saddle had been broken in by this point, and the vaunted Brooks' "comfort quotient" was truly evident.

Thank you, Brooks, for a simply superlative product.

Written by Brian House from USA 1/17/2011

I bought my first Brooks saddle - a B17 Narrow - last October and have since put about one thousand miles on it. The first fifty or so miles were a bit tough because I did not have the seat height properly adjusted. Once I had that figured out I was good to go. I ride four to five times a week and with winter here in Kentucky being very bad this year I am indoors on the trainer a lot. I can do a hour and a half on the B17N with no problem. The dimples are already showing on the saddle from my sit bones. I have been plagued with numbness issues over the years and have used a variety of padded saddles and cut outs. I have absolutely NO NUMBNESS with this saddle! FIrst time ever and I am thrilled! I'll be doing Bike Florida at the end of March and will give an update after that five day tour. My only regret is not getting the saddle with copper rivets just for the sheer beauty of the thing. Thanks Brooks for making a top quality product!

A > The copper rivets have the functional benefit of increasing the life of the saddle, as well as the advantage of easier maintenance!

Written by Patrick Elsdale from UK 1/7/2011

I have had a pro copper and a sprung B17 for about 25 years now, I do not and would not ride anything else as they are both well worn and very comfortable. Both have been crashed on, left out in the rain, and subjected to much abuse. My friends now ride Brooks as well after seeing how mine have survived. One question, you do not appear to make sprung saddles anymore, I would recommend a sprung to anyone who is not fanatical about weight, much better for potholes. Happy riding.

Written by gillmann nicolas from france 10/29/2010

Four month ago, I purchased a brooks B17 narrow for one of my old peugeot bikes, namely a peugeot PX 8 L dating back to the early 70's. It's really a wonderful saddle: although not completely broken in yet, it's already very comfortable. The leather may be stiff, but the shape of the saddle is very good and makes it delightful to ride. This is my second brooks saddle and I intend to try another models, possibly a flyer or a B66 for the other old bikes of my collection.

Thank you brooks...

Written by jeff mr from USA 8/2/2010

I can't praise brooks enough. Some people talk about the break in period, some talk about the saddle making them want to ride more. I'm both of those people. The first time I used my b17, I was amazed, and wanting to break it in more gets me to ride more. I love this saddle. Thank you brooks.

Written by Rob MacDonald from Canada 7/23/2010

When the leather cracked on the Brooks B17 seat on my 1943 BSA Airborne Folding Bicycle I was prepared to carve a wooden mould from the original leather and use that to shape a new piece of Oak sole leather for it.

To my surprise and considerable satisfaction I found that a) you're still in business, and b) you still have the model I needed in production.

My replacement B17 recieves the proper attention that the original should have had - an occasional wipe with saddle soap and a bi-annual brush with neat's-foot oil, which should massively prolong its' working life, even under the heavy use I put to it - over 50 miles/week on the road.

Written by Raymond Hajny from USA 4/15/2010

This saddle is simply awesome! I rode for 2 hours when I first put the saddle on my bike and all I can say is it is one of the best rides I've had. I've tried several other saddles before I decided on the Brooks and I'm glad I did. I had no discomfort that I have had with other saddles and no sore butt at the end of my ride. If you have been thinking about buying one of these just do it you won't be sorry!

Written by DONALD KIRKBRIDE from SCOTLAND 1/2/2010

I am a member of the VETERAN CYCLING CLUB SCOTTISH SECTION and have an original flying scot racer which was fitted with a b17.  unfortunately, due to its age(1958), the leather split across the front rendering it useless.  
I purchased a new saddle via the VCC and fitted it to the bike and bedded it in which took many miles, though i do swap the saddle to other bikes in my collection which i also use on VCC runs. After many miles the saddle is as comfortable as the one it replaced, the only thing i had to do was retension it with the spanner for this purpose, i also obtained a bottle of leather polish at an autojumble which was marketed for rolls royces and bentlys. Several applications of this has helped the leather as well.
I reckon i have covered over 700 miles since purchase and wouldnt use any other make of saddle and would recommend a brooks to anyone contemplating doing a lot of cycling

Written by Adam Prosise from United States 10/26/2009

This is a great saddle. I recently built my first fixed gear frame, constructed entirely of bamboo. Because this frame is one-off and means a lot to me, a Brooks saddle was the only saddle i could put on it. Its very comfortable and looks great. I cant wait to put many miles on it.

Written by Hamish Burnett from London 10/15/2009

My girlfriend found me this saddle in a welsh charity shop, for five pounds. Its amazingly comfortable, I love this saddle. I feel I really owe it to Brookes to buy something direct from them now, its the only thing on my bike which is improving with age!

Written by Dennis Kirkpatrick from USA 10/6/2009

COMMENT > Fell in love with this thing from the first time i sat on it. It’s a thing of beauty, true craftsmanship the likes of which is not seen in abundance these days. After my first ride (short 30 mile) I just didn’t notice the numbness I have felt my whole life on standard seats. I put it on my Slingshot mountain bike which I converted to my daily street commuter.
Couple of suggestions:
First, if you are so adamant about using Proofide and no other saddle soap or conditioner you should include it with the saddle. Hell increase the price if you have to but what’s the point of getting home and eagerly reading all the material that comes with the saddle only to find out you should condition it prior to riding and you didn’t buy any.
Second, if you don’t want to include you should insist that the retailer that sell the seat carry enough for every saddle purchase. (the same suggestion for a rain cover)
Third, you should make a under seat bag. None of my canvas bags do this piece of art justice. I just can’t bring myself it to hang my specialized bag under this beautiful saddle.
After reading the reviews on the new imperial, I will be purchasing two for my mountain and road bikes. I wish my retailer had those in the first place.

REPLY > Thanks for your suggestions. We recently managed to increase our prices and include a spanner with all our saddles and a rain cover with the more expensive products. The point is that convincing hundreds of dealers to increase prices is not so easy... Hopefully we will get there sooner or later.

Written by Paul Irving from England 8/26/2009

I bought one for £17.50 in 1991. I still have it, and it looks as if it's good for many years. It's now on its third bike, a titanium-framed Enigma. You must have realised by now that I'm a contented customer. The only improvement I can think of is a lightening of the frame.

Q > Are there any plans to bring out a B17 Narrow with Ti metalworks? By the way, which of the saddles with Ti metal parts is most like the B17N in fit? I'd quite like to be able to put a lighter saddle on my Enigma, & the old saddle on another bike.

A > We have no plans to make the B17 Narrow with Ti. If you look for a Ti model with similar comfort, I'd recommend the B17 Titanium, but it's wider. Narrower Ti saddles are the Swift and Team Pro. The first is more elastic, the second is very stiff.

Written by Tony Hall from England 8/25/2009

I have just purchased a new Trek 2.3 Alpha compact race bike which is a superb bike and it looks fantastic, however it came with the normal razor blade saddle in white, riding home was extremely uncomfortable (50 mile commute to work) When I got home, off came the beautiful looking saddle and was replaced by my trusty and oh so comfortable B17 Narrow, the guys at work take the mick about me riding on a saddle that has been around since 1910 but I would'nt change it for the world.
I may upgrade to the B17 Copper when this one wears out, so I should be back in about 10 years !! Great Saddle, Great company. Keep up the good work.

Written by Claude Schuyler from USA 7/29/2009

The B17 Narrow is my first Brooks saddle in several years. I got back into biking in a big way this season. When I saw the resurgence in interest in Brooks saddles I decided to try one again. I did a lot of research and decided that the B17 Narrow was the way to go.
Almost all the testimonials and blogs I read talked about a breaking in period. In my first ride of about 20 miles I experienced no discomfort from the saddle but felt that it should be moved back a few millimeters on the stem for optimum pedaling. When I did this I accidentally tilted the saddle forward slightly from a level position. After the same ride I had tenderness in my sit bone areas.
Two days later I straightened out the saddle and from that point on on it has been extremely comfortable. I think the lesson is that finding the right angle and adjustments that work for you can really cut down on the amount of time it takes to break one in.
I love these saddles. Over the course of the next few months I have 2 other bikes I will put Brooks Saddles on. Another B17 Narrow for my Trek mountain bike and a Swallow for a mid-1970s Italian racer that I am restoring.

Written by Greg Collins from United Kingdom 7/20/2009

Fitted a new B17 Narrow to my recently purchased Boardman Pro hardtail MTB on Friday night, in place of the fancy dan plastic and cro-mo doodad the bike was shipped with. Saturday morning we hit the road, 11 miles on tarmac, followed by 50 miles up hill and down dale off road. For the first 30 minutes I was aware that the saddle was narrower than the B17 I normally ride and I stopped to tweak the fore and aft positioning and the saddle height. That done I promptly forgot I had a new saddle and got on with enjoying the ride. No saddle discomfort at all for an entire day ride. That's a first off road for me. The nose is long enough to get your weight forward when climbing and because it is a rigid leather saddle you can slide your weight all over it with no stiction whatsoever making weight shifts something you do unconsciously. A great saddle from a great line of products. Yeah it is heavy and a bit clunky looking. So am I! Thank you Brooks

Written by Vin Cox from UK 7/10/2009

I borrowed my dad’s 25year old B17 Narrow to see what all this fuss about Brooks saddles was about..... and now I get it! Yesterday, after riding only the Brooks for about 1500 miles, I got back on my other bike with what I used to call a comfy saddle on it - and I got straight off again and looked to see what was wrong! I'd got so use to being cosily suspended on a leather hammock that the padded plastic felt painful.
I’m converted. My only reservation is that I race a lot of cyclo-cross and I suspect leather might not last well when covered in mud and frequently jet washed. I might have to just go Brooks for road and touring.

Written by Smiley El-Abd 5/22/2007

My name is Smiley, I'm a part-time bike fit specialist living in Maryland US and I cycle about 3,500 Miles a year. I have three custom fitted bikes that I ride throughout the year (for those of you who know about these things I own a Serotta Hor's Categorie Ti frame, a Co-Motion Al-Cappucino tandem with soft ride stoker beam and a Serotta Ti mountain Bike, a TiMax to be exact). I fitted all three of these machines with Terry Fly saddles and, as they performed ok, I stayed loyal to the product. However, the Terry on my tandem would give me aches if I did not dismount and give my butt a break every 25 miles or so. It's a familiar complaint and one that I thankfully no longer have since I discovered Brooks.
I was initially skeptical about how something as old fashioned as leather could be more comfortable than modern gel or plastic saddle. To be honest, it was the stylish retro-look of leather saddles as much as anything that made me seriously look into leather saddles. I then read a few online testimonials about leather saddles being the most comfortable and decided to give one a try. I contacted a well-respected Brooks retailer (Wallingford Bicycle Parts in the US www.wallbike.com) and spoke at great length about saddle fit and sit bones - things that really were never discussed when buying a plastic saddle. After my consultation, I was advised to try a Brooks B17 Narrow and, after some initial fine-tuning and breaking-in, I've never looked back.
Am I done yet? Not likely! My Brooks dealer informed me about the re-introduction of the New Brooks Swallow so I've just put down a deposit for this limited edition saddle. It will look great on my treasured Serotta Hor's Categorie bike and I really want to move my B17 Narrow to my mountain bike because I know it will improve the ride of this bike as well.
I have this to say with my new found knowledge of bike saddles from Brooks, my advice is to give them a shot. These saddles only get better with age or break in time. For the amount of money I spent replacing commercial plastic saddles, (I have a basket of failed saddle experiments at home) and chasing down the latest fads every 2 years or so, I am glad I can depend on a Brooks to outlast all these saddles combined.
Brooks saddles are the GOLD standard for me now, it's what a comfortable saddle should feel like. Weight freaks ""forget about it"" and enjoy the ride. I hope my story inspires you to give Brooks real leather saddles a go on your bike. It's nice to know my butt won't give out on me before my legs do!

Written by Hatta S Chiang from Singapore 9/30/2012

Finally I choose Brooks, after did some research about leather saddle for my folding bike.
I pour the both surface of the saddle with Brooks proofide - leather dressing, before install on the seatpost.
First ride is really hard saddle for my butt, make me nervous, when this break in period will be finished.
So, I decide to pour Proofide again on both surface at night, let it dry, and ride again for next morning, After did it for 3 night continuously, and ride daily for about 6 miles, my B17 narrow become much more friendly for my butt, no such thing hard trip anymore.

Hope my B17 narrow, will be more comfort, as I ride more, day by day.

Written by Justine Valinotti from USA 7/17/2009

Great saddle. And it's beautiful. I ride it on both of my Mericans, and cannot imagine riding anything else. The copper-railed honey Pro is, to my eyes, one of the most beautiful bicycle components made. But most important, it's the most comfortable saddle I've found, by a wide ma
If you're trying to decide which model to buy, ask whether you can test-ride friends' saddles or see whether a shop near you has "loaners." Or, you can buy a saddle from Wallingford Bike and, if it's not right for you, they'll let you return it within six months.
In my case, I tried both the standard and narrow versions of the B-17, the Pro and the Swift before settling on the Pro. And, I tried men's and women's models of each. Although I'm tall and rawboned, I have unusually narrow sit bones for a woman. So, the men's version of the Pro turned out to be what my Mercians and my bum needed.
By the way, I ride a brown B-67 on my commuter/townie bike. I have difficulty imagining myself riding anything but Brooks saddles.

Written by Bill Flesch from USA 6/3/2009

I received my new Brooks Professional saddle recently. Back in my youth (mid 60s), my first "good" bike came with a leather saddle. Comfortable, rode in cutoff jean shorts with no problems. About 12 years ago I returned to cycling. And, with most, was caught up with bicycle weight, so no leather saddle. Instead, I went through a succession of high tech, low weight, etc. saddles. Recently, my 4 yr old reputable Italian manufactured saddle was increasingly uncomfortable. I e-mailed the maker, and the reply said that, essentially, their saddles are good for about 10,000 km, and then the foam breaks down. So I ordered a Brooks. Comfortable right out of the box (first ride with it was 42 miles), and getting better each consecutive ride. And, it will probably last forever. Now, after my experience, one of my riding partners is gearing up to order himself a B17 (he's a bit larger and wider than me, 6'-2", 200 lbs vs my 5'-8", 150 lbs). And yes, while my Brooks weighs 500 grams vs 200 grams, with the additional comfort, I can ride longer and am sure I will drop more than that weight from myself in no time. I should probably be in the 135 - 140 lb range. So, keep up the good work, I'll keep promoting your saddles. You may want to talk with the boys in the pro peloton. With the drop in bicycle weights, where they actually are adding weight to their bicycles to meet the UCI minimums, some smart professionals may want a more comfortable, i.e. Brooks, saddle. After all, your products were good enough for Eddy Merckx, and he wasn't a bad cyclist!

Written by Ron Howe from UK 5/25/2009

I've ridden Brooks saddles since the early 1970s and I love them. As a 15 stone (95Kg) powerlifter who cycles for fitness I need some width to support my large rear end and I've got three Brooks among a collection of about twelve saddles ... the pricey but worthy Honey coloured Swift, a B17 narrow and a B17 standard, which my wife has hijacked. The Swift Titanium is also really light in relative terms. The classic styling of Brooks saddles just looks so good and draws many comments. Although some of the others are comparatively heavy that extra few hundred grams is a sacrifice worth making for the sake of the great comfort and durability you get from a genuine Brooks hide saddle especially on the longer rides. I continuously recommend Brooks saddles. It's just such a shame that the titanium metalwork is so expensive otherwise I would replace my two other others for the titanium special models withe the big rivets..

Written by Jodee 4/21/2009

COMMENT > Received my #39 Green Swallow BFF Ltd Edition. Love it. However after a long ride, the seat seems sunken in especially on the rear right side. That normal? I've only proofide it once. Otherwise it's the most comfortable seat ever. Thanks

REPLY > The Swallow is the most elastic of our saddles, so if you tend to be asymmetrical in your ride, the saddle will shape asymmetically.To a certain degree it is normal. If it shapes too much, you should probably go for a stiffer saddle, like the Team Pro or B17 Narrow. The Swift is somewhere inbetween.

Written by Patterson Loo from USAmanship 5/4/2010

in 1998 I bought a Greg LeMond Alpe D' Huze...in orange and white. This year I changed saddles..to the B17 Narrow....I have ridden around the block and adjusted the seat height. It is not yet broken in...it will be starting tomorrow....as of this moment it just LOOKS great!!!

answer - I rode that same frame for 4 years as a bike messenger until it broke.

 I still miss it. :(

Written by david lewis from surrey 9/29/2009

Do you intend at some stage to make a saddle more suited to a bmx, they are an exceptionally popular bike and feel you should have one on offer. Albeit they are a token saddle on a bmx as they seldomly get used, generally much smaller than the average for aesthetics and weight considerations, but nontheless a vital piece of equipment. I certainly would purchase one right now were you to begin producing them.

Written by Matt Lynch from Scotland 5/29/2009

i have riden on a lot of saddles in the last 25 years from many manufacturers who all promise comfort and durability, there is only one who can truly live up to that promise, and thats Brooks ,

Written by Denis K from France 7/2/2014

I have never experienced such a fast delivery. I placed an order Tuesday morning and got my saddle Wednesday morning. Bravo!

Written by andrew colsell from england 7/2/2011

have had the saddle 5 weeks now and can say i'm completely satisfied with the product, i fitted it to the bike at first without any treatment to the leather, it felt like riding a scaffold pole (very hard) i then removed the saddle and applied saddle soap (standard stuff from the local tack shop) to the underside of the saddle, tried it again (left it 24 hrs to soak in) and was amazed how soft it was, i have applied the saddle soap once a week for 4 weeks and now will only apply when it starts to dry,
Now when riding, i have no discomfort when riding, it looks really smart.
many thanks, andy colsell

A> Andy be careful with the saddle soap, it is fairly easy to permanently soak the saddle (and hence stretch it too far!)

Written by Alejandro Aranda from Mexico 5/10/2010

Hi I recently purchased a B17 special (the brompton version, brown top, copper rivets, standard black frame) I have only put 70 kms and it's by far the most confortable saddle I have riden, by far much much more than my previos gel saddles (one with ventilation) they were fine for a few kms then it's was a pain in the butt, literality. Q: My concern is only one, I sweat a lot from the buttocks and I can't always wear padded short, which helps a lot with this matter, so when i use jeans sweat stays there in touch with the saddle, and leaving a very embarassing trace in my jeans. Would this sweat damage severly the saddle eventualy? Because I noticed in some parts of the saddle it has become darker just like a few spots, and in the back part has a little brighter spot as if the color has fell off.

answer - Sweat will not damage your saddle!

Written by William Poole from Norway 7/30/2009

Q > Hi! Could we now in this Ipod age have White saddles in a range of models (and not just for the very exclusive few!), please.

A > White BROOKS Saddles are much more difficult to make. It takes us more than triple the time than any other colour and lots of leather is wasted in the process. These are the reasons why we can't offer them in the standard range.

Written by Jonny Bolton from UK 2/4/2016

I've had my B17N for several years now, transferred onto for than a few different bikes. Took hardly any time to break in and has been really comfortable ever since. I trimmed the side skirts off to give it a bit more flex and it only made it better (and I made a nice little key fob from the trimmings). But I haven't been riding much recently, and after 18 months stored in a very damp garage, with a couple of coats of Proofhide every few months, it has suddenly turned to a hideous grey-blue mouldy mess. I'm sad to see it go, but I will be replacing it soon enough. The only question is, another B17 or a Cambium?

Written by Chris Smith from England 7/29/2009

Q > I am very intrested in getting a b17 saddle but in the Titanium version, i have bought over 10 different saddles in the last few weeks trying to find one that is comfortable, unfortunatley me rear is obviously different to most peoples as I have tried all the popular versions, my questions is do Brooks have test saddles? For example Sella Italia offer at the dealers the ability to try the saddles before buying them which is brilliant, as the Titanium is very expensive and I am not willing to part with that much cash without knowing they will fit. Thanks Chris

A > We don't offer test saddles simply because you need to break it in! Once broken in, the saddle cannot be passed on to another person. In order to minimize risk, I would suggest you to buy the B17 Std, then if you like it buy the B17 Titanium.

Written by Paolo Spinozzi 1/13/2009

Q > I want to buy a Brooks saddle for my Brompton M2L. I know the B 17 could be the best choice but i'd like to have something a little bit more sportive; can you suggest me wich is the best solution among Swallow, Team Pro and the Swift?

A > Brooks range of racing saddles includes a variety of models for gents and ladies: -the B15 Swallow: our most elastic saddle -the Swift: a slightly stiffer saddle, featuring partially cut-away flaps -the Team Professional and the B17 Narrow, our stiffest saddles -the Team Pro S and its titanium version, the Finesse, for ladies

Written by John Eburne from England 9/11/2013

A bit dissapointed really. Rode one in my youth and wanted another as it has some side profile which a lot of modern deck saddles dont have. Unfortunately the saddle doesnt fit a Trek Madone seat mast very well. The exact place i want to clamp the rails is where the rail narrows in to the nose of the saddle.Result I was too far forwards and ended up sat on top of the seat band which was very uncomfortable. Resigned to put it on my training bike instead. Any plans to make a more modern chassis rail?

A> This is a problem typical to some modern frame geometries.  While a redesigned chassis is not possible, we recommend in these instances a laid back-style seat post. 

Written by Claude Schuyler from USA 3/21/2010

I'm back again. Last Spring I posted about the B17 Narrow. This Christmas I received another B17 Narrow for use on my mountain bike. Yesterday, the first day of Spring, and with the snow gone in the Northeastern United States I had my first ride of the season using this brand new saddle. It was a short ride, only about 15 miles, but over rough roads. I made the same adjustment to this as my other B17N, got on it and rode. I can't stress enough how comfortable these saddles can be even before they are broken in. If yours is giving you trouble keep fine tuning the adjustment until you get it right. As for me I've got 2 Brooks saddles with 2 more to go.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Douglas Kinnear from USA 6/18/2008

The B17 Narrow Imperial broke in quite promptly -- within 100 miles, the leather was softening up nicely under my sitbones. I also found the Narrow model to be just right, as it is about as wide as the saddle I have been using (Avocet 02 40r). My only complaint is with the cutout -- the edges provided a not-very-pleasant sensation through my biking shorts. Not a pinching, not a chafing, no permanent damage nor saddle sores, but I could FEEL the edges and it was not pleasant over a longer ride. This issue, and only this issue, prompted me to remove the saddle from my bike. I think that the edges of the cutout may benefit from chamfering or some other treatment.
The saddle seems exceptionally well-made and should prove very durable.
I would, and probably will, buy a different Brooks -- a model without the cutout. I found the Imperial Narrow perfectly comfortable except for the issue, explained above, with the cutout edges.

Written by colin mann from uk 8/12/2014

I love the B17N but what is severely lacking is the option of a hammered copper rivets version. Any possibility in the future?

Written by V Kelley from USA 6/6/2009

I had this saddle for a year and put about 3,500 miles on it. My sit bones 'sat' between two of the back rivets and occassionally did the bump'n grind into the rivets. Uncomfortable as all heck. If I moved the saddle back, I didn't have good coverage over the pedals.
Sold the Brooks and put on the Terry Liberator X. It's 100 grams lighter (still too heavy) and my butt thanks me every day. Sorry Brooks, your saddle is for heavy 200lb manly men.
Biker Chick

Written by Lucas Silveira from Brazil 6/4/2013

I really wanted to love this saddle, but I don't.
The leather is great, but after 1.500km ridden on it, I can't get used with the position of the rivets (on the top of the saddle!)
So, even though the total width is 151mm, the usable width is only 130mm, because that is the distance between the rivets. And this makes it impossible not to feel the rivets against your skin, which is very uncomfortable.
I might give a try to another Brooks model, but now I'm not sure anymore if it will be worth the money and time (to break-in) invested...

A> Hi Lucas, we are sorry you did  not like the B17 Narrow.  We can only say that this is by far our most narrow model and because of this, it is not really everyopne's taste.  For something similar, but wider, try the Team Professional.

Written by Laurent Chauchat from France 10/5/2012

I own this saddle for 2 years now (17 000km) and I like both its look and comfort. However, I have a problem with the saddle : one rivet at the back of the saddle is hurting all my trousers. I think about changing the rivet with a medium head. Am I alone with this problem?


A> You may replace the offending rivet with a larger head copper rivet. This is in fact the reason we use such rivets on other models.

Written by Gary Macdonald from Canada 7/24/2012

I now have 1100 miles on this saddle and I can't say it's comfortable yet. It is very hard and I still experience numbness when climbing.. I didn't expect the break in to take this long.

Written by Stephen LLOYD from UK 7/30/2011

I own a black B17 saddle fitted to a 2010 Kona Ute. I have never felt particularly comfortable with this saddle as it is far too wide for my rump...so on an inkling and as a treat I purchased a brown B17 Narrow.
The package duly arrived and was opened in much anticipation...and there lying in the box was a thing of real beauty..wow! The 'brown' saddle was really very much closer to a handsome dark tan so that in itself was pleasing. Holding the saddle up to the Ute highlighted its compliment to finishing off the bike perfectly. I was very pleased....and then I noticed something...the appalling quality of work in the paring of the saddle edges...the tip of the saddle in particular had been left with sort of right angle cuts! Immediately comparing the old saddle to the new there was no comparison as to the quality of the final finish. In a fit of pique I grabbed a pair of scissors and did what Brooks should have done in the factory and trimmed the saddle off neatly myself.
Saddle soap applied, saddle fitted and sat on and I just know this is going to be one comfortable saddle.
Conclusion: good product, not so good quality control.

A> Thanks for the feedback, please send a mail to info@brooksengland.com with the code that is stamped in the bottom of the saddle that we may see who the culprit was.

Written by Kevin G from USA 12/31/2010

I would love a B17 Narrow. It would be absolutely perfect for my cross bike... that is if it was green!

Please offer it in green!

A> We are working on a custom ordering process, please be patient and thanks for the feedback!