B15 Swallow Titanium

B15 Swallow Titanium

Length: 285 mm

Width: 153 mm

Height: 62 mm

Weight: 370 g

Frame: Titanium


The B15 Swallow is a faithful reproduction of a saddle specifically conceived with the sporting cyclist in mind, the result being a timeless design widely regarded as the precursor of all modern racing saddles. This saddle was originally patented as long ago as 1937. At that time a great many such Brooks Saddles were exported to the continent, where they were very popular amongst professional cyclists competing in the various tours and stage races. Today's Swallow still proudly bears the original patent declaration on the tensioning plate beneath the svelte leather upper. This text retains the word “deposé”, the patent application for the Swallow having initially been registered in the Paris patent office.

The timeless design of the Swallow remains virtually unchanged today, our only concession to modernity being the recent introduction of a lighter model. The Swallow Titanium, features lightweight titanium rails for a significant weight reduction over the traditional Swallow Chrome, although in all other respects the Swallow models are the same as each other, and indeed exactly the same as their historical namesakes.




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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by aad spee from holland 8/6/2012

After ruining my skin and gaining all sorts of sit-problems on several modern lightweight saddles, returning to Brooks is a relief. My old Brooks Swift is almost perfect but it widens out, this Swallow stays in shape as a result of the binding underneath the leather. The perfect saddle. I take it along in my grave, you never know what saddles they have up there.

Written by Theodore Smith from United States 2/2/2012

B15 on Tommaso road bike: I've had Brooks saddles on bikes since 1975 and see no reason ever to use any thing else; they fit like an old pair of hiking boots.

Written by Ernie E. from Mililani, Hawaii 7/14/2011

This is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat on. It was comfortable right from the box as soon as it was dialed in. Once it is set-up your okole' (butt) settles into a 'pocket' and it is just so comfortable. It made such an impression on me that I purchased a B17 narrow for my mountain/ town bike and this saddle was just as comfortable as well. Thanks to Brooks I am enjoying riding my bikes even more now.

A> Aloha!

Written by Michael Berkovich from USA 4/24/2010

I have had my brooks B15 Swallow Ti for a year now and it is the most comfortable, durable and beautiful saddle I have ever used. I use it on my Surly Steamroller with 23mm tires and the saddle really helps to absorb many of the bumps of NYC roads. Furthermore, after over 1000 miles of riding it still looks brand new so I expect it to last forever. Finally, not having to wear padded spandex bike shorts ever, not even for 100 mile tours makes the saddle a great value at any price.

Written by Mike Alanko from Canada 10/3/2009

Having employed the B15 Swallow Titanium on my 1963 Legnano Gran Premio for four years now, I can attest to the quality, durability and comfort, for rides long and short, fast or leisurely. For my anatomy, it is as perfect while wearing jeans as in "cycling shorts" - no chamois is required. Thank you!

Written by Steve Sivyer from UK 8/24/2009

As a 'born again weekend warrior', the new carbon fibre bike with all the latest technology was a revelation, but unfortunately the issue of the saddle was a problem. Technology had not produced the equivalent in saddle design.
No less than ten saddles later I have now found nirvana. It is strange that I have had to go back to 1937 and use a design from that date. You may have read that Brooks saddles need a break-in period when the saddle moulds to your posterior. Well I can tell you that the Swallow saddle was superb from day one. A slight flex in the leather and metal frame soaked up the bumps. No pain or discomfort, simply the most comfortable saddle known to my 'tender rear'. We are all different, but for my 90 kilo weight, this saddle is simply the best saddle for long distances and I mean my first ride was over three hours. I have now joined the famous 'I'm a Brooks man' club and that is a life long membership.
By the way, I do not work for Brooks or own the company!

Written by Jeffrey Sutherland from USA 8/4/2009

I previous had split saddles for my racing bike. I built a new bike, but with a flair for "old School" styling (i.e. - polished aluminum metal work, gumwall sew-up tires, etc.) I was therefore looking for the appropriate saddle. I first tried an imitation Brooks that was a split saddle, like my previous modern saddles. It stretched after 1,000 miles to the point I could not adjust it. (the company did replace it for free). I purchased a Swallow and from the first ride it fit great and was very comfortable. I have about 500 miles on it and three races and it only gets better. I still have not unwrapped the replacement saddle I received from your competior. It looks great with the matching bar tape. Thanks for a great product.

Written by duroy raphael from france 6/17/2009

My whole bike changed, the way I ride, the way I sit, the way I look.
Thanks, this is a wonderful product, the bar tape is amazing too. Thanks from Paris!

Written by Thomas P. Washburn from United States 6/11/2009

COMMENT > Your description contains the following sentence:
"The tensioning plate on the underside still bares [sic] the original patenting information retaining the word DEPOSÉ, as the patent for this model was first registered in Paris."
My understanding is that, under the Queen's English, the correct spelling is "bears."
Otherwise, great saddle, and congratulations on the revised website.

REPLY > Thanks, for pointing it out. The mistake has been corrected.

Written by Andrew Smith from UK 6/5/2009

Fantastic, simply fantastic! My first Brooks and most comfortable saddle ever.
Thanks for such a great product.

Written by Tab Tollett from USA 6/5/2009

I've had my Brooks Ti B15 for a couple of years and could never seem to give it a chance to break in. After a couple of rides, I would always swap back to my light racing saddle. I stuck the B15 on the wall and forgot about it. Then I purchased a single speed and needed a saddle. My first ride was a muddy race in rain and it seemed to do the trick. Now its the most comportable saddle I have ever used. I'm going to order one for each bike!

Written by Åke Bergqvist from Sweden 5/20/2009

During the first ride my new Swallow feels so comfortable so i just wonder, how smooth it will be when it`s ridden in?

Written by edwin 4/6/2009

this saddle very comfortable, even at day 1 and off road tour.
Edwin, Indonesia

Written by Dave Pankras 11/5/2008

I own three Ti Swallows which are amazingly comfortable. The first one I bought tortured me for a brief time and since my butt knew what to expect the other two felt awesome right from the box. I also have one of the Limted Edition Sprinters which is much narrower and can only use it on my fixed gear bike for relatively short rides. I don't think it will ever break in because my sit bones are on top of the frame edges and not on the leather inside the frame. Looks great though. Now i just need one more for my 40s/50s French road bike and I'll be good to go.

Written by James Foster 11/2/2008

I've just got back into cycling after a long break and the two definites for my new bike were a Reynolds frame and a Brooks saddle. My old Holdsworth Professional has a Brooks saddle, so LeMond had to follow. The B15 Ti is not only fantastic to ride on with the R853 frame, but is a work of art and there should be a display in the Tate!

Written by Philippe Demay from Belgium 3/20/2008

A fabulous saddle! It looks great even on a racing bike and is more comfortable than any of the high tech modern saddles. Unbeatable!
Philippe Demay, Belgium

Written by cyclingnews.com 5/20/2007

Brooks Swallow - do you break in a Brooks saddle or does it break you in? Either way, they're among the most comfortable seats - eventually!

Written by Steve Germaney from UK 2/28/2014

After months of careful deliberation I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a Brooks Swallow for my upcoming Lands End to John O'Groats ride. Why didn't I do it sooner? After around 250-300 miles the out of the box comfort has only increased as both the saddle and my rear have become the best of friends! I never thought I could ever achieve 'arm chair' comfort on a saddle, how wrong I was! I shall be buying more Brooks saddles in the future for all bikes yet to be bought!

Written by Bill Flesch from USA 6/3/2009

I received my new Brooks Professional saddle recently. Back in my youth (mid 60s), my first "good" bike came with a leather saddle. Comfortable, rode in cutoff jean shorts with no problems. About 12 years ago I returned to cycling. And, with most, was caught up with bicycle weight, so no leather saddle. Instead, I went through a succession of high tech, low weight, etc. saddles. Recently, my 4 yr old reputable Italian manufactured saddle was increasingly uncomfortable. I e-mailed the maker, and the reply said that, essentially, their saddles are good for about 10,000 km, and then the foam breaks down. So I ordered a Brooks. Comfortable right out of the box (first ride with it was 42 miles), and getting better each consecutive ride. And, it will probably last forever. Now, after my experience, one of my riding partners is gearing up to order himself a B17 (he's a bit larger and wider than me, 6'-2", 200 lbs vs my 5'-8", 150 lbs). And yes, while my Brooks weighs 500 grams vs 200 grams, with the additional comfort, I can ride longer and am sure I will drop more than that weight from myself in no time. I should probably be in the 135 - 140 lb range. So, keep up the good work, I'll keep promoting your saddles. You may want to talk with the boys in the pro peloton. With the drop in bicycle weights, where they actually are adding weight to their bicycles to meet the UCI minimums, some smart professionals may want a more comfortable, i.e. Brooks, saddle. After all, your products were good enough for Eddy Merckx, and he wasn't a bad cyclist!

Written by Jodee 4/21/2009

COMMENT > Received my #39 Green Swallow BFF Ltd Edition. Love it. However after a long ride, the seat seems sunken in especially on the rear right side. That normal? I've only proofide it once. Otherwise it's the most comfortable seat ever. Thanks

REPLY > The Swallow is the most elastic of our saddles, so if you tend to be asymmetrical in your ride, the saddle will shape asymmetically.To a certain degree it is normal. If it shapes too much, you should probably go for a stiffer saddle, like the Team Pro or B17 Narrow. The Swift is somewhere inbetween.

Written by jamesmallon 10/21/2008

This is the first Brooks I got. Splendid. Followed by a B17N, and a Flyer to come.

Written by Marty Eison from USA 8/7/2008

I like this saddle but found the B17N version to be difficult to set up properly, however once dialed in
it is well worth the time and effort. This is not my first Brooks saddle but it was one of the more
difficult ones to dial in. I think the B17N has a flatter profile than either my B17 Standard, or Swallow
which is my reference saddle.
When the saddle is dialed in correctly it is absolutely forgettable, that is I don't notice it. When it wasn't
dialed in properly I found myself constantly fidgeting, repositioning myself in a vain effort to find that
sweet spot where the saddle disappears.
All in all I would say I am favourably impressed with the saddle, I initially had some doubts about
the longevity of the saddle with the cut out but these have been dismissed as the saddle hasn't lost it's
shape or required numerous adjustments due to sagging leather.

Written by Alan 5/21/2007

Once I got over the luxury and gorgeous looks, and actually rode with it, I was amazed that this minimalist construction could be so comfortable. It was actually much more comfortable out of the box than the Swift. It fills completely its purpose and transforms any fine traditional frame into a statement of style and culture. Looks kind of silly on my Fuel EX though, but are we sensitive to looks? ;-)

Written by Thomas Loerzer from Germany 11/1/2013

I have equipped all my titanium bikes (Moots, Seven, Serotta; MTB as well as road) with this beautifull saddle being extremely comfortable and long-lasting.

Written by Peter - Ingo Scharrenbroich from Germany 8/18/2010

I was struggling to find the right saddle for quite some time; especially riding my Brompton on the old Standart sadddle became painful just after the first corner (and we are touring on them for 80 km and more...) Then I purchased a B17 and the Brooks Effect set in: No more pain and comfortable riding from moment one.
After many miles on my B17, I decided what to do about my other bikes: A Cannondale Bad Boy and my Road Bike (at that time an CAAD 9). I opted for the Swallow classic titanium (A bit of luxury is necessary I believe). First on my Bad Boy, I experienced the same Effect and comfortable Ride, on my Road Bike a few months later the samel. When I had to change my Road Bike due to an accident even on my new BMC Racemaster the saddle is fitted and gives me nothing but pleasure. Fellow riders always look a bit surprised, but the absolutely timeless design looks very good even on ultra modern bike made from carbon.
I would like to buy another saddle, but fortunately these parts are very, very durable, and in the moment there is no bike to fit....

Written by Matt Lynch from Scotland 5/29/2009

i have riden on a lot of saddles in the last 25 years from many manufacturers who all promise comfort and durability, there is only one who can truly live up to that promise, and thats Brooks ,

Written by Murhamdilah Morni from UK 6/18/2015

The Swallow titanium is my 4th Brooks saddle and is the most comfortable/ most expensive I ever bought. I have installed it on my new Brompton S2E. The high cut leather side means it is easier to adjust the saddle forward and aft. It also makes the bike very easy and comfortable to carry folded just by holding the slimmer nose of the saddle.

Written by William Poole from Norway 7/30/2009

Q > Hi! Could we now in this Ipod age have White saddles in a range of models (and not just for the very exclusive few!), please.

A > White BROOKS Saddles are much more difficult to make. It takes us more than triple the time than any other colour and lots of leather is wasted in the process. These are the reasons why we can't offer them in the standard range.

Written by Simon Hodges from UK 6/13/2009

Q > I want to get a Brooks racing saddle, and am looking at the Swallow, Swift or Team Pro. I see from your site that the Swallow is the most elastic, the Team Pro the stiffest and the Swift in between. Are these differences a result of the leather you use, or the metal structure underneath? And why is the Swallow so much more expensive than the others? Hope you can help.

R > The stiffness of the saddles is a result of the shape of the leather top. The different metal structures don't influence the stiffness. 

Written by Paolo Spinozzi 1/13/2009

Q > I want to buy a Brooks saddle for my Brompton M2L. I know the B 17 could be the best choice but i'd like to have something a little bit more sportive; can you suggest me wich is the best solution among Swallow, Team Pro and the Swift?

A > Brooks range of racing saddles includes a variety of models for gents and ladies: -the B15 Swallow: our most elastic saddle -the Swift: a slightly stiffer saddle, featuring partially cut-away flaps -the Team Professional and the B17 Narrow, our stiffest saddles -the Team Pro S and its titanium version, the Finesse, for ladies

Written by Ron Bucci 4/27/2008

Ron Bucci - I am intending to purchase a Swallow Titan & I would like to know if there is any weight restrictions that are applied to this product? I am a large cyclist in that I weigh 100 kilograms & am wondering if your product would be suitable to carry this weight. I look forward to hearing from you.

BROOKS - I weigh 100 kg and I use a Swallow on my road bike. So far no problems. Andrea (the marketing manager)

Written by Grant Kollar from USA 7/8/2013

After much research as which brooks saddle was the best fit for my riding style and bicycle, I landed on the B15 Swallow. The bicycle I bought the saddle for is a Moots titanium which fits my long day-rides/exploring back-country roads style. During my research, I read many stories of how difficult brooks saddles were to break-in—but were amazing once the break-in period was achieved. With much apprehension I fitted my new pride and joy and went for a test ride of about 15 miles. The saddle didn't seem to feel much different than the Fizik 00 that it replaced. The Swallow was then given its protective coat inside and out, re-fitted and tested again with a short ride. Now the Fizik saddle gave a very comfortable ride up to about 65 miles and then it would become more and more uncomfortable—requiring great determination to ride a century—which is why I replaced it with the Brooks Swallow. I'm posting this comment because I rode the Swallow the next morning for a 104 miles without the slightest amount of discomfort. In fact I think I totally forgot about the saddle being there. I'm looking forward to the saddle actually becoming broken-in and my first attempt at a double century. Thank you Brooks for being in business and bringing so much joy to my favorite pastime. Grant Kollar

A> Thanks, Grant!


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Heb Leman from UK 9/22/2010

Love my Brooks ti Swallow but how can I stop the metal plate underneath the saddle from hitting the top of my seat post without having to change my riding position. I have tightened the tensioning bolt a little but don't want to over do it. The saddle is just over 2 years old and only has summer use.
Look forward to your reply.

a>> You need to tighten the tensioning bolt.  After two years a Swallow will possibly sag, so you need to tension it but take care and do not overtighten.

Written by Howard Jones from Spain 8/10/2015

I have a Swallow and a Swift. Swift on the Mountain Bike, Swallow on the Road Bike. Both very comfortable, best ever. However! I have now suffered "breakages" on both saddles. The Titanium Tension Shackle has broken on both saddles, and the Tension Pin broken on the MTB (i.e there separate incidents over a period of time). This makes the saddles just unreliable. You see Brooks promotional material of adventurers cycling in the most remote of places, and yet critical components have failed with alarming regularity. These are not parts that can be bodged by some blacksmith in remote locations. These are parts that have to be carried because they can't be trusted. I am now looking to replace with a Cambium as I want the comfort but not the failure rate. However, I see from the Cambium comments that these also have components that fail. Maybe quality is an issue with Titanium parts? Perhaps Mountain Biking is just too tough for Brooks? All I know is that they break too frequently. Too frequently to stop using them and go for a less comfortable saddle? Not sure. #lastchancesaloon

Written by Callum Sword from United Kingdom 11/26/2013

Anyone else have difficulty getting their saddle rails to mesh with (in my case) Thomson seat post?

Initially thought it was a bit 'tight' and that with time the rails would widen, but this is not the case and the saddle is now tilting alarmingly.

Hopefully it can be repaired or - ideally - replaced.

Written by Holger G. from Germany 11/4/2012

I purchased a B15 Swallow Titanium just a couple of weeks ago. While I really like the saddle itself, the rain cover that came with it doesn’t do its job.

I had to leave my bike in the rain twice, each time for a couple of hours. On both occasions, I put on the rain cover thoroughly! Water got underneath the cover, leaving ugly water stains at the back of the saddle and at its left edge.

I suspect the following:

1) The seam at which the velcro strap is attached to the cover is not watertight, explaining why the back of my saddle got stained.

2) The elastic ribbon incorporated in the cover makes the cover wrap around the saddle. This prevents water that has gotten underneath the cover from flowing out on the bottom side. Instead the water soaks the saddle. When I put my bike on its kickstand, it is slightly tilted to the left; this explains why only the left side of my saddle got stained.