Length: 260mm

Width: 205mm
Weight: 850g


The B67 and B67 S are the modern versions of B66 models, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars.



BROOKS Classic
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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Sue Collister from USA 11/20/2012

Just thought I'd let you know that I did indeed get myself a better bike to put under my Brooks saddle. So Much Love. Besides the pleasure I take in the riding, I'm also delighted with the health benefits, just what I wanted from getting back on a bike. Brooks made it possible.

Written by Steve Podbery from UK 10/5/2012

I have a B67 fitted to my bike - its been on three different bikes now; I would never part with it. Bikes have come and gone but the saddle stays! It looks good, the springs have just the right level of 'bounce' when you need it most, and - most importantly - you simply forget its there. No saddle soreness, no feeling of 'relief' when you dismount - its as comfortable as it can be.

Written by Sue Collister from USA 8/28/2012

Good People of Brooks,

I just wanted to say thank you. This saddle has made all the difference. The bike I got myself for fitness came with a gel and foam padded 'comfort' seat, which despite the billing it never was. I tried adding more padding both to the seat and then my seat, which is exactly what I didn't want, and still I was uncomfortable. I read about many kinds of seats/saddles, and your reviews more than once. I finally took the plunge and got a Brooks. I'm so glad I did. Now I'm thinking I might have to get a better bike to put under it.

Written by David Malka from UK 12/15/2011

I bought a black B67 in late 2008 and have done around 5,000 miles on it so far. Nothing but praise for the comfort of the thing: I can (and frequently have) ride all day with only short breaks for water and chocolate refreshments, and saddle soreness is a thing of the past. One little niggle I have with it is that the two D-shaped rings at the back, are very loose, and I can't find any way to tighten them. Also, the saddle squeaks quite a bit, but I'm sure that this is because I'm a complete technical numpty, and have no idea how to maintain the thing. Anyway, a dash of Proofide ® every three months, and things continue on their merry way. Off for another 500-mile tour on it next year, and I hope to buy an MTB, too, which will get its very own Brooks (maybe a B17, or another B67).

Written by Paul Burrett from UK 11/8/2011

I bought this saddle when a progressive, degenerative back condition threatened to end my regular cycle commute. From day one, the saddle proved to be very comfortable and has allowed me to continue to ride on the pothole infested roads of SW London. My only criticism of the saddle is the creaking from the springs, which initially sounded like a loose bottom bracket, but have now increased in intensity to the point where pedestrians turn and look when I cycle past. To be fair, the problem is most notable when I'm climbing, largely because I'm now reduced to sitting in the saddle when I cycle up hill. However, despite the creaking springs, this is probably the still probably the best saddle I have owned.

Written by Stephen Mc Ateer from Australia 1/18/2011

I commute around 200 km a week on often less than ideal roads - seams in the bitumen, drains and pot-holes abound. For nearly three years I have been riding on a generic unsprung seat, but today I rode for the first time on the B66 - I will never ride with an unsprung seat again. I was expecting some improvement, but the reality was sublime - it was like the hard tar was replaced with carpet. And this is without having broken the seat in yet!

Written by Nick Rider from UK 11/23/2010

I received a brand new B66, in brown, from my father, who already had one on his Superbe. I had suffered from painful riding for many years, increasingly so as my fishing trips increased to 100 miles plus. I went through the range of commonly suggested solutions, with not much luck. This was especially true past the 50 mile mark, gel seats being useless, or in fact a reason for the pain getting worse. In my own experience, i would totally challenge the traditional negative reputation that Brooks saddles have for having a terrible breaking in period. Mine has been a blissful gift which does regular century rides with full fishing kit. It can be a little noisy if i forget to spray some wd40 onto the springs. I proof hide it every month and have had 4 years stirling service. The saddle is still in almost mint condition and i can see it out lasting me by a good few centuries, if the next owner takes rightful care of it. A masterpiece of human ingenuity and a true British classic.

Written by Susan Gameson from UK 9/30/2009

Have recently bought a B67 with single rail for my new Chas Roberts bike and now it is almost broken in, it is shaping up to become a favourite just like my other two B66 saddles. I have ridden this pattern of Brooks saddle since 1978 both for utility cycling and longer tours. I would not dream of using anything other than a leather saddle. Like one of your other contributors, I've been irritated by saddle squeak which I managed to cure with proofhide on the under side of the seat and a good squirt of WD40 around the spring unit - result silence for the last 300 miles and long may it last. All my husband's and our family's bikes have Brooks saddles including several B17s and one old but until recently unused B15.

Written by Tony Hicks from Canada 9/28/2009

I recently bought a B67 for my hybrid city bike. I'm not an avid cyclist like many of your customers, just someone who uses his bike for short city rides to shops, to meet friends, and to use the car less, etc. One of the only things I didn't like about my present bike was the very comfy looking, but quite uncomfortable stock seat. Then one day I was in a cycling shop and noticed that they carried Brooks saddles and on an impulse bought the B67. No padding, no gel, no 21st century technology -- but what a difference! Even before breaking it in, it was a pleasure to use. And it's given my fairly ordinary hybrid bike an air of sophistication, too! I love it.

Written by Mark Caspar from New Zeland 9/21/2009

COMMENT > Last year I bought B 67 saddle. I can say that it is very firm and hard to break in. Although I am not heavy, I suppose it had to be broken much sooner. So as regards comfort it has not proven very good for me.

REPLY > Did you apply Proofide? Did you adjust it properly? If your problem is that it has not shaped to your anatomy, maybe try to moisturize it and ride on it. It might help to get your shape. Before doing so, do not put Proofide.

Written by Justine Valinotti from USA 7/17/2009

This is the saddle I ride on my commuter, on which I have installed Nitto Promenade handlebars. I really can't imagine riding any other saddle for the purpose: This one is plush, but not inordinately cushy. It absorbs much of the shock my urban commute dishes out. Plus, it has a neat vintage look and feel.
By the way, I am the proud owner and rider of two other bikes. Both are Mercians. And both sport honey Team Pro saddles with copper rails. I guess you could call me a "Brooks Babe."

Written by ed becton from usa 6/21/2009

I have been riding on Brooks saddles since 1976. I am 72, I now have a B33 on one bike and a B67 on another. Both are so comfortable I can't decide which one I like better. A few years back I decided to try the new "Modern" seats. Went through 5 before I gave up and came back to Brooks. Do wish you could design the B33 so as to fit to the new style seat post. That would be really nice

Written by Phil Chester 5/22/2007

I recently purchased a Brooks B67 saddle for my elderly Dawes Galaxy as the saddle which I bought with it was very uncomfortable. The new saddle was carefully broken in in accordance with your instructions.
I am writing to let you know that I used it on a 3 week, 520 mile cycle holiday in the south of France earlier this month and found it a great success.
I am 63 years old and have come rather late to cycle touring but your saddle certainly proved its worth for a man of my age and tonnage. We cycled between 25 and 40 miles a day over varying types of terrain, with full panniers and campng gear aboard the bike but at no time during the trip did I experience any Moscow Syndrome i.e. numbski bumski - as experienced with the 'modern' saddle on my second bike - even after a ride of some 50 miles.
The saddle required some tensioning when I got home but that was all apart from a dressing of polish. The saddle has definitely improved my enjoyment as I no longer suffer any discomfort. It was well worth the cost of purchase. I have already recommended it to another cyclist of my vintage. Thanks very much.
Yours faithfully
Phil Chester

Written by Tony 5/22/2007

Dear Sirs, I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with a B66 saddle that I bought yesterday. I had a Raleigh Superbe cycle in 1952 fitted with an identical saddle and it is fascinating to find that the quality of the new one is exactly as I remember the earlier one. Even the box and the enclosed leaflets are works of art. I had no idea that you still made such a range of traditional cycle accessories - my next purchase is likely to be a Millbrook Holdall. Also, you are to be congratulated on your excellent website where I have just spent a very enjoyable half-hour. With Thanks, Yours faithfully, Tony

Written by Brian 5/22/2007

In 1989 I did a Bicycle Tour in the Cotswolds with an organized tour group-based in New York. I'm from New Jersey. The rest of the group -about a dozen all together -were from all over the USA and had hired their bikes. I met them at Heathrow sans bike. I wanted a Raleigh 3 speed to use then take home. The bike I bought was a Raleigh Courier. It came with dynamo lighting and a carrier-which I used after the 9 day tour to hold my luggage.
The seat was a padded vinyl covered plastic thing and not all too comfortable. I had a Dawes Galaxy back home with a Brooks Professional on it. Two years later I went to pick up the bike by its plastic seat and managed to crack it in the process! I couldn't get a Brooks B66 over here at the time so I wrote to the shop I purchased the bike from in Oxford. He sent me a catalogue.
WHAT A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!! 15 years on and many miles of riding including the New York 5 Boros Tour at least a half dozen times and other tours it is still on the bike! Since then I just took delivery of a Millbrook Saddle Bag!

Written by Servan Schreiber 5/22/2007

Hello Everybody, I am so satisfied with my BROOKS. I am planning a trip from Holland to Southern French sponsored by BEIXO. Of course I need a good saddle so I tried every saddle there was on the market, but left the BROOKS on the shelf. Just couldn' t believe that this relative cheap and hard leather saddle can save me from my bottom and knee pain that I have during training. After I tried almost every hightech gel and....... saddles, I just end by the BROOKS. I thought OK lets try it there is no options left. And what do you think happens? I think I don' t have to tell that. My pain was gone from the moment I sat on this old mirakel. Just want to say thanks and watch my track on www.beixo.com Best regards Servan Schreiber

Written by Katherine Dewar from usaI 4/8/2014

Just bought a Brompton and although my first choice was the B17 saddle for its sleek appearance, I discovered it was too narrow to support my sit bones. So I chose this one instead and am very pleased with the comfort and springiness. I've put several long rides on it so far to see if it was going to be the right saddle and it passed the test. It looks beautiful on the bike too.

Written by Roger Moore from UK 7/21/2011

Hi. I have spent the last umpteen years using the ubiquitous mountain bike as a daily commuter plus weekend light off road,with all the light weight/gel saddled/ state of the art components ..etc that go with the mountain bike set. However recently I bought a Pashley Paramount (with modified Tube rider chainguard) The Paramount comes with a tan Brooks B67 as standard, which I initially thought of "a "bit old fashioned " with springs, leather and steel. After a couple of test cycles on the Pashley I could see (feel) why they had fitted the B67 as it suits the upright riding position superbly . I had given the saddle a couple of coats of proofhide and it seemed to bypass the "breaking in " period completely and has been comfortable since day one. I now find myself with a totally different style of cycling going with the bike instead of fighting against it and the Brooks saddle is mellowing down to a lovely rich patina. There was some saddle squeaking but a load of proofhide and a warm hair dryer stopped that. Top marks saddle and nice to see good product still made in the UK.

Written by Martin Hartley 4/17/2009

I got a Brooks B67 saddle a few weeks ago and I must say that I am loving it! I have had no end of problems trying to get a saddle that suited my backside. The saddle that came on my last bike actually caused me a pelvic sprain by pushing my seat-bones apart! I tried those GEL saddles. They are okay if you are only going to ride for about 20 minutes. My bicycle is made for commuting AND long-distance touring. Only a few weeks after using the B67, my backside was singing because no more was I suffering from pressure in the softer parts of my nether regions, and the springs just ironed out all the annoying little bumps and jolts in the road. I am looking forward to a long-distance tour on my new B67. It is really quite astonishing how comfortable they are! My friends poke it with their fingers and say that it is hard and can't be comfortable, but I tell them that I happily spend all day riding with it under my backside. I run my bicycle lock through the frame of the saddle because I don't want it stolen. Thieves can have the rest of my bicycle - I want to keep that saddle!

Written by Axel Bentell from Sweden 3/12/2014

Of all the saddles I've tried from Brooks two sticks out as unique and great products: The Conquest, and the B68. I am delighted to see the former is now available again, and I will replace the one I gave to my brother. However I miss the B68! So, for now the B67 will be the best choice in it's place from the current catalogue. My B68 is mounted on my Brompy, a perfect match!

Written by Linda Runnalls from Australia 2/1/2014

I am loving my new B67S. It is the first saddle I have felt comfortable on from the start. I didn't take long to soften at all, and I am enjoying being pain free after my rides now! Thanks for such a beautiful and fine product.

Written by Dave Feucht from USA 1/6/2011

I'm just purchasing a B67 to replace the 58 year old B66 on my 1953 Raleigh Sports. I have only owned the bike for about 3-4 years now, but the B66 that came with it has been a fantastic saddle for the everyday use I give it, but has finally reached the point it needs to be replaced. I'm looking forward to the B67, and who knows, maybe in another 60 years, I or someone else may still be riding that Raleigh with the B67 on it. It's nice to own and use things that have a feeling of quality and legacy behind them.

Written by Emmanuel Dapaah from England 8/11/2009

Q > Hi there - have you ever make one of these in green? I'm looking to match my new leather grips

A > We don't really plan on offering the B67 in green.

Written by Joseph Frew from Scotland 10/16/2013

I was slightly reluctant to buy the Brooks saddle initially given that it seemed so heavy. I think most cyclists are conscious about buying light weight components for their bike and I’m no different. After trying 3 different saddles in a few months I was beginning to think that I had a unique and possibly deformed rear so I finally decided to try the B67. At first it felt very different but I persevered because I knew about the breaking in period. I have come to the conclusion that this seat is very sensitive to correct adjustment, in particular its angle. After some very careful adjustment and a few months of use I have just completed my longest ever ride of 70miles, my posterior was the only bit that wasn’t sore and I felt that I could have stayed in the saddle much longer. It is truly a product that I’m glad to have had the good fortune to discover and much better than I could ever have imagined. It is a great thing that we can still buy such a beautifully made classic British product that performs better than anything else that I have puchased.

Written by Claudio Anibal Goncalves Branco from Brazil 2/10/2013

Olá. Comprei um selim B67 Black e gostaria de dar os parabéns para a empresa Brooks. Já tive muitos selins, mas não igual a esse. Extremamente confortável e muito bem acabado. Me parece que não vou precisar comprar outro, pois tenho certeza que meu B67 ainda vai durar muito. Um ótimo investimento!
Obrigados a vocês da Brooks.

Cláudio Anibal G. Branco,
Belo Horizonte, Brasil.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Hans Mollander from Sweden 12/14/2013

Why are the metal parts of the regular B67 and a few similar models partly black and partly metallic in colour? Surely I'm not the only one who thinks the saddles look less appealing than they deserve to, that way?

Written by karsten heller asmussen from DENMARK 9/7/2009

Q > I recently bought a Pilen Swedish Classic bike. It rolls silently and like a dream, however, the B66 saddle makes a lot of noise during riding, probably coming from the springs and suspension. Is this normal and acceptable?

A > Some squeaking can happen. It is normally due to the rubbing between the leather top and the metal parts, either on the nose or on the back plate. Try to put some Proofide where you believe the squeaking is coming from. 

Written by Mark Dean from USA 8/27/2014

Easy on the rear but hard on the ears.
Very comfortable but the noise was too much for me, and now the saddle is sitting on the shelf.
If you like a quiet morning ride on a rolling country lane, then do not get a sprung saddle.
Lesson learned.

A> if you use lubricant on the rails and where it meets the clamp this should resolve this problem 

Written by John Groves from UK 11/29/2011

I bought a B67 about a year ago when I rebuilt my 531 frame tourer. It has broken in well, and I finally traced a persistent squeak to where the leather wraps over the rear frame. A few drops of lanolin oil did the trick (Proofide would not flow in). I tightened the bolts at the lower end of the springs, and noticed that the loop through which the bolts pass was spreading as the nut tried to go through the loop. Also the springs are wound the same way - one should be the mirror of the other. I think that Brooks need to re-engineer the detail of these fittings with a heavy washer and better formed bolt eye - the price warrants it, and the engineering really does look very dated in this area. Having said that, the qualities of the leather seat are not to be doubted, and I have ridden mine for 1,000 miles now in comfort.

Written by Stuart Cooper from UK 5/21/2011

I own a number of Brooks Saddles & overall I have to say they are the most comfortable I have used in 30 years of cycling,But I have one complaint,with saddles of this quality(& expense) why the use of black powder coat on the rails?,I know this is cheaper & you don't have the issues with the extra quality control that chrome requires but you use them on some saddles & not others. The B67 has chrome springs but black rails,this makes no sense & looks just plain wrong,I wish to purchase a new saddle for my city bike & like the B67 but would like to have it with chrome rails to match the rest of my bike(& itself).I would quite happily pay the small amount of extra cost that this would require(as I am sure most other riders would).So Brooks when are you going to give this saddle the classy look it deserves & make the metalwork shiny all over.


Written by Rob Formica from USA 4/27/2011

I just got my first B67 for my Raleigh Sports after using (and loving) a B17 for my fixie for many years. The springs are surprisingly stiff. Granted, that is better than the boucing and bottoming out I experienced on the matress saddle that had been fitted on the bike when I bought it, but it really isn't providing much shock absorption. Will the springs have more give over time? I'm a solid 16 stone, so I would imagine this is even more of an issue for smaller folks.

A> This will soften up over a short time.

Written by Brad D from USA 1/24/2011

"Answer : No, [springs with unequal lengths] is not normal."

Oh, it's not "normal?" Well, that's very reassuring to hear! I'm happy to know that Antonis and myself are in the minority of people who have purchased your outrageously expensive saddles only to find that the springs on our saddles are of wildly different lengths. Thank goodness that our saddles are under warranty; now all I need to do is pay overseas shipping (both ways?) on a poorly-made saddle that I've already spent ~$90 USD on. For a company that brags about being established in 1866, it's pretty astonishing that you are still unfamiliar with the concept of quality control. My B67 is visibly -- very, easily visibly -- flawed. If you had any QC at all, how would this happen? The spring lengths are not even close (~6mm difference). So I have to wonder -- do you have ANY quality control measures? That's not rhetorical -- I would honestly like to know if your *very expensive* saddles are checked in any way before they are sold. Because it appears that they are not. I was splurging to buy a Brooks in the first place, and now the already-offensively-high price of this piece of junk is going to be ~50% higher with me paying shipping to and from England in the *hope* that you actually repair or replace the saddle under warranty. I'm probably better off selling this defective saddle as-is on an auction site than I am taking advantage of a warranty that requires *me* to pay high shipping prices for an inexcusable mistake by the manufacturer. I will (needless to say) never again buy or recommend a Brooks product. There is simply no excuse for such an expensive (and unwarrantedly, laughably pretentious) product to be so far out of spec -- to not even be in a usable condition. Oh, by the way -- the springs are of equal size on the cheap, synthetic, made-in-China saddle that came with my bike. But I have to admit -- your poorly-made, lopsided, and completely USELESS saddle is slightly more attractive. So kudos for that.

A>  Brad, your saddle can be returned to the place where you purchased it, as is described in the warranty section of this website.  Manufacturing defects are a fact of life for every industry known to man, but are certainly not a common occurrence at Brooks.  When something like you describe (which is extremely odd and in fact I cannot imagine how one of your spring is 6mm shorter than the other) occurs, the only thing we as a manufacturer can offer is to replace the offending product, and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you, which we are in fact prepared to do.

Written by Sean Dicken from United States 11/24/2010

I've recently purchased a honey B66 and a honey B66s from different stores online, and they both came with their own unique idiosyncrasies.

The B66 has a large splotchy dark spot right in the middle of the widest part of the saddle, which seems to go all the way through the leather, as it can be seen on the underside as well. It's not very attractive, and when I apply Proofhide to the saddle, everything gets darker, including the splotchy area, which becomes almost black when damp. Is this normal? Why create a light coloured leather out of a splotchy skin? Also, this saddle's springs have different specularities- The one on the right looks like polished chrome, while the one on the left just looks a dull chrome, or a polished steel. Why wouldn't both springs be made and polished in the same way (I noticed this immediately, having recently polished up a Brooks B66 from 1975)?

The B66s was labeled as such on the package that it shipped in, but it was clearly a B67s (it said so on the imprint on the side of the saddle) with a genuine brooks (made in England) single rail clamp attached to it. Why was this B67s given a clamp and sold to me as a B66s? Is this a new Brooks thing, or is this the bike shop trying to pull a fast one on me?

Also, both saddles were scuffed on the nose and along the rear edge of the top of the leather when they arrived. As they both came from different shops in different parts of the United States, I'm guessing that 'box wear' is normal... Are these all things that I should expect?

A > No, absolutely not. I am afraid you have purchased your saddles from disreputable retailers.  Please consult the Dealers of Excellence portion of this website for the quality retailer nearest you.

Written by antonis pagkalos from greece 11/13/2010

Question : I am a very new owner of a brand new b67 (and I 've been waiting for long time to come) but there is one thing that doesn't make me huppy. The two springs have unequal lengths. The difference is about 3-5 mm and is very clear. Is this normal? I haven't ridden the saddle at all.

Answer : No, this is not normal.  If you believe you have received a defective saddle, take advantage of the 2-year warranty and return the saddle to place of purchase or to us directly for repair or replacement.