Mud Flap

Mud Flap

Inspired by the design of the 1937 mudguard flap, our new mud flap is made of the same leather used for Brooks Saddles. It is provided with 2 screw bolts to fix it on the mudguard. Colours: Black, Honey, Brown.



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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Todd Hughes from USA 5/2/2011

Yet another beautiful Brooks accessory on my bike.
With my B17 saddle, my bike is more comfortable than my couch and now that I have the mudflap, it's cleaner too!
Job well done. Another example of Brooks beauty and function.

Written by peter wilson from Canada 7/19/2009

I have  your honey mud flaps. They are great. I have used them for 5 months. They work great in the rain.

Written by Jonathan Lingham from UK 10/5/2009

COMMENT > Doesn't seem the most obviously practical material for a mud flap!

REPLY > If not, it is certainly the most beautiful.

Written by steve morse from USA 3/29/2010

Q > Are you going to make the mud flaps green.

A > Not at the moment, but it is a good idea.

Written by joergen nielsen from Denmark 10/16/2009

Q > Can the mudflaps be mounted on the brompton folding bike?

A > Yes, but you need to make 2 new holes and change the position of the bolts.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Chuck Renaud from USA 10/24/2010

Will these fit my Pashley Roadster 26? There are two holes on each fender already, I'm hoping the distance will be the same.

A> I could not possibly answer that from where I am siting. But, where there is a will, there is a way, and I am sure you will get them on even if it means you need to drill another hole.

Written by Paul Alexander from Scotland 9/3/2009

> No fitting nor care instructions in the packaging or on website.

> Well, you just need to punch two holes in your mudguard.

Written by Peter Nowak from Germany 3/8/2014

I got a brandnew Brompton (purchased on 27th of february) with this Mud Flaps at the front and back. I must say, that the fastening is not good constructed. I lost the Flap of the back at my first ride, the Flap of the front at my second ride. I think the cause is, that the cap nuts are not secured. If the bike is shaken while driving on uneven ground, the cap nuts dissolve, get lost and then the Flap also. So I think, it would be better, to use self-locking nuts instead of the cap nuts.

Written by Dennis Watts from Great Britain 3/6/2013

You've said these are designed for the front. However they can of course be fitted to the rear too. Fitting one on the front prevents your feet getting wet, but fitting one on the rear of your bike reduces spray for cyclists following you.

A> Yes, very true, they can be used this way if you like.

Written by Alessandro Martini from Italy 10/28/2012

Can you, once and for all, state what the distance between the holes is? Thanks

A> We apologize for the omission!  The distance between the bolts is 31mm from the outside, 27.5mm center to center.

Written by David Albertan from Canada 9/13/2012

I'm interested in installing a Brooks mud flap on my Devinci Cariboo touring bicycle. I'm curious about the distance between the bolt holes. I currently have aluminum fenders that are 4cm wide, (I hope that the mud flap bolt spacing is much closer than this?) Input would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.

A> These fenders are wide enough for our Mud Flap, thanks!

Written by Lloyd Phillips from USA 7/12/2012

Just bought your Apple Green saddle. Would love Apple Green mud flaps for my Brompton!

Written by A. Neudek from Germany 6/1/2012

As I just saw a picture of the mudflap installed on a back wheel,
I just want to know if it is also usable for the front wheel,
especially for a Gazelle Tour Populair?
Thank you for your information!

A> The Mud Flap is actually for the FRONT wheel.

Written by Richard McCaig from Scotland 3/24/2012

My B17 Select saddle is superb! Do you have enough off-cuts yet to produce some Select mud flaps?

Written by Maree Cowen from Australia 1/16/2012

Hi, are you able to tell me the handlebar grips would fit a womens Allant bike by Trek, also would the mud flap fit as well? Can the mud flaps be put on front and back or just front? Maree

A> Mud Flap is generally only used on the front.  The type of handlebar and fender is the important consideration, not the type of bike.  Please consult a reputable Brooks dealer for assistance.

Written by Mason Wolf from USA 7/31/2011

I wonder how the honey-colored mudflap will weather and age, in relation to the gentle, gradual darkening of a honey Brooks saddle and grips, over the life of the product.

Given that it may well be subject to more mud and water than a saddle, I also wonder about additional care as well.

Thanks for any help !

A> Proofide if it looks dry.

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Written by Stefano Coccoloni from Italy 7/5/2011

Do you need to' mount it behind each wheel?

A> No, just the front.

Written by Peter Anspach from UKPleas 1/18/2011

Please can you tell me the centres of the bolts in mm. I want to fit them to 35mm wide Corana mudgards

A > The Mud Flap will not fit these mudguards.

Written by Anonymous from England 12/4/2010

Which is the historically appropriate position of my new honey coloured Brooks mudflap on my classic English Pashley? On the inside face of the existing front mudflap or the outside face of the front mudflap, or is both acceptable.

A > Outside face. Discrimination still exists in this age.

Written by rob buckingham from usa 11/24/2010

is there any oil on this product?

A > NO, this product has been vegetable tanned and dyed, but not oiled.