HOXTON Wire Basket

HOXTON Wire Basket

Width           38 cm

Height         26 cm

Depth          26 cm

Volume       25 l

Weight   1150 g


Since we first began to make Cycle Saddles, our aim has been the BEST of EVERYTHING. The Best Materials, the Best Designs, the Best Constructions, that experience, skill and money can procure. This is how we designed and manufactured our new Wire Basket, made of a metal structure, wooden base and a leather grip. For the use on modern bikes this basket is equipped with a modern KLICKfix® handlebar adapter.

The leather grip is made of a stack of leather washers cut from the scrap from our saddle production.


Made in China (metal part)

Assembled in Italy

*140.00 €
106.30 £

*Free Delivery, Read More


Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Gwyn Ellis from England 6/22/2009

Cycling gives me the chance to get away on my own. Cycling brings me independence. It allows me the freedom I need after a busy day. Having the opportunity to leave the house with no real objective is a fabulous thing and meeting up with friends couldn't be easier. I'm quite a sociable person, so the more chance I have to see my friends on a regular basis, helps me deal with the pressures of living in the city.
The Brooks cycle bags let me carry as little or as much as I need. As my career varies from day to day, unpredictability is one of the major issues I have to contend with and with the Brooks products, they help as they are versatile and tough. The panniers offer huge assistance as they fold neatly away, but also when full, don't appear to be over bearing or unstable. The basket is a great way to go through daily life and also when shopping, helps protect the environment, which I am also passionate about. The Camden shopping bag is stylish, flexible and practical, everything I need to help with a busy day. And when I am rushing around the city, comfort is key. The Brooks saddle fits perfectly and will only get better with age.

Written by Anja Anja from Switzerland 6/14/2014

I have been using the Hoxton Wire Basket for about 1 year now and I still love it! I never leave it outside in bad weather but I just noticed that one of the "screws" holding the wooden bottom is missing. Too bad! Is there a possibility to fix that? Thanks for your answer, best regards from Switzerland, Anja

A> yes it should be easy to replace the screw

Written by Sean O'Connor from usa 9/20/2009

Q > May I ask who makes the bicycle in the photo showing the basket in situ?

A > We had the bike made for us in Italy, but it is actually simply a display bike, without brakes, lights, etc. Similar bikes to that are produced by many of our customers including:

Pashley from England www.pashley.co.uk

Abici from Italy www.abici-italia.it

Skeppshult from Sweden www.skeppshult.se

Retrovelo from Germany www.retrovelo.de

Sparta from Holland www.sparta.nl

Have a look at their websites.

Written by Jennifer Trausch from USA 5/10/2010

Does the Wire Basket have a quick release?

answer - yes.

Written by Patrick Uiterwyk from USAD 6/13/2009

Q > Can this basket be attached to a rear rack?
R > Not really. It has been designed for attachement to the handlebar.

Written by Justin Schafer from USA 6/19/2013

How much weight can the basket hold?

A> 7 kilos is the recommended maximum load capacity.

Written by Dale Buss from USA 1/4/2011

I'm wondering whether there are any instructions/diagrams available online that depict the installation of the handlebar adapter for the Brooks Hoxton Wire Basket?

A > Please visit the Click Fix website for details.

Written by Wynn 8/8/2008

Q - This is a really great basket but i'm wondering if it can be install on a bike called Strida 5.0. A - We don't know all bikes on the market, but the HOXTON Wire Basket comes with a KlickFix adapter which should fit most handlebars.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Laura Ms. from USA 8/25/2010

I see this basket has quick release, but can it also be locked into place?

>> KlickFix makes a lockable clip, but this is not the one that comes with the Hoxton, we're afraid.

Written by Mike Williams from UK 11/28/2014

I recently bought this for my wife's birthday and it looks great on her Kona Coco. I feel a little let down with the black and red plastic (and at 7KG, fairly weak) adapter. Do you have any other attachment suppliers you could recommend? Something a big tougher and a little more pleasing on the eye would compliment the connection between basket and bike much better.  


A> Ortleib do offer other adapters that should be compatible with our basket 

Written by Hanne De Clercq from Belgium 8/16/2015

Great and beautiful basket, but it just doesn't work with the ClickFix system.
I've certainly didn't put more than 7kg of weight in it and after a good month it has broken 2 ClickFix systems...the second time I didn't even have anything in my basket as I was on my way to a shop. The basket was clicked on the system according to the instructions. The system is userfriendly, but no good quality, don't understand why this is made in plastic... Very nice basket I have to look at now, since I can't put it on my bike anymore...

Written by LIsa Barbera from Canada 9/3/2014

Very disappointed with the Hoxton Basket, or more specifically the mounting bracket. Unlike the basket, the bracket looks inexpensive, bulky and inelegant. In spite of some adaptations to make it fit snugly on my handlebars it still had a lot of movement, even with some weight in it. This was a particular problem, b/c it then bumped on top of my fender mounted front light. For me, it wasn't worth the price and didn't really meet my expectations.

Written by Randolph Gaa from Germany 10/6/2012

The Hoxton Wire Basket is surely a wonderful piece of accessoire, but even with the Klick Fix System it is not possible to really fix the basket. The fixation is not tight enough so it will still move and make some inappropiate noise. Is there a further adapter available? Best regards, Randolph

A> We occassionally receive this complaint and we are unsure the cause.  However, you may try wrapping the bars of the hoxton where they attach to the adaptor with a small amount of high density tape for a closer fit.

Written by Demetra - Emi Papastephanou from Cyprus 7/13/2012

I own a bianchi opale lady. Will the hoxton wire basket fit on my bicycle? Also i want to change the grips. Which ones do you suggest? Thanks.

A> Yes, the hoxton will fit this bike.  The slender grips would also do very well!

Written by Norman Artificio from USA 6/21/2012

Will this carrier fit on the handlebars of a fixie bike? How far is the distance of the middle of the handlebar bracket to the bottom of the basket?

> The basket can positioned at multiple heights, at its highest (farthest from the your tyre) the bottom of the basket hangs 10cm below where it is attached at the bracket.

Written by Clare Hodgins from Australia 3/7/2012


What colour leather is used for the handle on the HOXTON basket?

I would like to purchase the basket along with the matching Plump leather grips. Which color grips do you suggest I buy for both items to match?

A> Brown.


Written by jaime jaime from USA 8/5/2011

I can't seem to get the mounting mechanism tight enough. The basket will slide down when I put anything in it. I don't understand what the issue is, but this just seems like a bad design.

A> The Klick Fix system has a wire that must be installed properly to prevent this.  You should bring it to your dealer, there is not a design flaw.

If you have a question and desire a timely response, send a mail to info@brooksengland.com or just simply post to our Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/Brooks.England.  Our antiquated shop comments section does not lend itself to frequent updating.

Written by Flavia Scinteanu from Romania 6/2/2011

Can this bascket be used with a Brompton bike?

A> Well, basically the answer is yes, but we believe the trouble will arise with the folding of said bike.

Written by Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick from USA 4/18/2011

Can the HOXTON Wire Basket be mounted on a rear rack, as a set of panniers would be mounted?

A> Not without custom attachments, we're afraid.

Written by Megan Robertson from New Zealand 11/19/2010

I have just purchased the hoxton wire basket with klickfix ... can you please tell me how much weight this can bear?

A > The recommended carrying weight is defined by the attachment bracket, and is in this case is rated at 7kg.

Written by Michael Judkins from USA 11/12/2010

Can the Hoxton basket be fitted on the front of a Pashley Roadster? I ask because if it's too deep it may well obstruct the lighting mounted just above the front mudguard.

A> Please visit a Brooks Dealer of Excellence for proper fit, it would be very hard for me to answer this question over email.