GUARANTEE Brooks Saddles are handmade in England and are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture or materials. If you believe you have a claim under this guarantee, you should return the saddle to the place of purchase along with your proof of purchase.

PROOF OF PURCHASE Should you be afraid to lose your proof of purchase we suggest you to register below. This will allow us and your Brooks Dealer to prove when your saddle has been bought.

REGISTER In order to register you need to know the production lot of your saddle. It is a 3 digit code which is stamped on the bottom of the leather top. This code is a sequence of “number, letter, number”.

CLAIMS Brooks England Ltd. will not accept claims due to crashes, accidents or low saddle maintenance and care, as in the common case of cyclists who forget to tension their saddles and end up sitting on the metal structure.


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